Sunday, September 1, 2013

D&D Woes

Got up and went out to breakfast with Chris and Aaron who crashed at my place last night after working on my house. We headed to Denny's and then to Home Depot to return the deck sander. Once we were done there we drove down to North Hollywood to hang with our friends Jes and Dallas. We ran a few errands with them before heading over to Jen's for our Sunday D&D game.

Today was one of the worse D&D sessions we have had so far. I'm not going into great detail.. but needless to say that I almost walked out of the game, but my buddy Chris was guest playing with us so I stayed. It wasn't the adventure itself, Dallas is doing an amazing job with that and I'm loving every minute of it.. it was actually several of the players.

We have two definite groups.. the good guys (about 9 of us) and the bad guys (about 4 of them) and today those two groups clashed big time. Conversations/debates were heated but the worse part is that some of that heat bleed into the real world, hurtful things were said. Hence why I almost walked out. This D&D session was not fun. I'm actually debating on if I'm going to continue with this group or not. I value my friendships with these people and if we continue to have sessions like the one we had tonight... I can see it permanently damaging some of those friendships.

Gonna go back in two weeks for another session. Will see if we can work out our differences... I hope so.