Thursday, September 19, 2013

Handyman Kenny

First thing I did this morning was build my new elliptical. I'm fairly handy so I figured I'd get it done in an hour or so... well 2 1/2 hours later I finally finished assembling it. It was like a workout just putting it together but once it was done I jumped on and did my first 25 minute carido workout for the day.

This elliptical is a bit different then my last one but it still kicks my butt and gets my heart racing. I'm so excited to get back into my routine of doing two 20 to 30 minute cardio workouts a day.

Only other thing I did of significance today was continue painting the trim on my garage. This one required me to get on top of my roof and hang over the side. I tried this a month or so ago on my house when it was 100+ degrees outside and almost killed me. So today I waited until around 5pm when it started to cool and I have to say it's so much easier. In the few hours of daylight that I had, I got quite a bit of it done. Should be able to finish tomorrow or the next day and then I can move on to the main body of the house, but for that I'm renting a paint sprayer.

Oh I almost forgot.. I attempted to update my iPhone to IOS 7 but it failed.. I tried several times and got the same results.. it was too late to fight with it so I gave up and will try again tomorrow. It looks cool.. my buddy Robert updated his phone yesterday so I got to see some of the changes last night. Hopefully I can update mine tomorrow.