Sunday, September 15, 2013

Infinity the Game Terrain... easy containers

Well I am getting into Infinity the Game for real now. I have had figures for a while but my playing buddies bailed on it a while ago so I did too. Plus there was a few players who kept telling me it was too confusing to play so that was encouraging. That being said I bailed on it too. Now for the last few months my friends have really been playing it. So I went out a purchased more figs not even knowing what I was doing. Just assembled most of them. I still have not played any games yet but I have started listening to Infinity O-12 podcast. That has really helped me learn more about the game and understand it. Makes it less confusing and actually understandable. So now I am throwing tons of quick, down and dirty terrain together. Just trying to get stuff on the table. Once I have done that I will go back and put more effort into my terrain for the game. This idea for these containers got from seeing some soda caps glued together as tires. So I thought, why not containers. I printed some labels off of the web on paper because I did not want to use decal sheets because of what I was doing. So you will see the paper lines on these bad boys. All said and done and for how quick I did them they turned out not too bad. So there you go... Hope you enjoy!