Sunday, September 15, 2013

D&D and Oreos

Today was all about D&D. After our last session I was a bit hesitant to play. But during the two weeks between sessions we as a group hashed out quite a bit of stuff online. So we are hoping that last sessions heated debates and name calling wouldn't happen again this session.

And I have to say today's session was pretty fantastic... everyone had a great time, we fought skeletons and orcs, rather then with ourselves. We got a bit of money and lots of experience. We moved our story forward and are well on our way to our goal. Thanks everyone for a fun time.

Before D&D today I had to go to Target and pick up some Oreo's.. these aren't your typical yummy Oreo's these are Candy Corn Oreo's and since my friend Sean Becker posted a picture of them last week on Facebook I have wanted to try them.

So I got to D&D and Jen was the only one there, Robert joined us shortly after and I showed them the Oreo's. Robert had tried them earlier that week but Jen who is not a fan of candy corn, was hesitant to try. In the end they were very tasty and very sweet. They tasted like the white and pink frosted covered animal cookies and nothing like candy corn (which I love).

The rest of the gang tried them as well and they must have enjoyed them as I came home with only two cookies left.

Oh I also tried cotton candy grapes. Becca brought them to D&D and I had never heard of them, let alone try them. If you ate them slowly you could taste the cotton candy flavor. Otherwise they tasted like very sweet grapes.. they somehow remove all the sour from them.

So all in all a good night.. had a great time gaming and got to try some unusual foods. Thanks everyone!!!