Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fixing Up The House Continues...

So I continued the painting of the house, after taking a week or so off.. I'm really trying to get all the trim done so I can go out and rent a paint sprayer and do the main body of the house. Today I worked on the trim of the 3 car garage. It's still a slow process as I have to tape off everything, go up and down ladders and deal with the hot weather.. at least its only in the 90's and not the sweltering 100's like it has been the past few weeks.

When it did cool down a bit around 6pm I moved on to the back deck and tried to strip away more of the blue paint that was left over after the sanding. I'm thinking that I'll just go rent the large deck sander again and give it another pass and try and get rid of more of the paint as doing it be hand it going to take me forever.

I can no longer sit around and do nothing.. I have to get this house up on the market and sold. Life will be a bit easier once I have this house out from under me.