Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Toy Inventory & Random Geek Question: Potter

Besides job hunting (still no luck and I never heard back from the interview a week or so ago), fixing up the house to sell, my podcasts, my webseries, TV, my friends and family I decided to pick back up another project that I started working on about six or seven months ago.... Toy inventory.

As you all should know I'm an avid collector of TV and Film Action Figures and Toys. In my old house I use to have a "Toy" room, you can check out pics HERE. But since moving into the new house it's all been packed up for none to see. And now that I'm selling the house it won't see the light of day until I move to my new place.

Anyways I've been wanting to have a comprehensive list of every toys, action figures, dolls, and any other collectable that I might own. It seems like a very overwhelming task to jump into that's why I have put it off over and over again. But as I mentioned a few months back my buddy Sebastian came over and started to help me. We managed to get 4 boxes done and that took a good part of the day. So we stopped and I haven't picked it up since... well that was until today. I figured if I bring in three or four boxes into my office I can work on it when I'm bored, or on a break from working outside. As long I was moving forward I will get it done eventually.
I also asked another Random Geek Question to my Twitter and Facebook followers. I asked If you're a fan of Harry Potter. Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into? Gryffindor which values bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry. Hufflepuff which values kindness, hard work, patience and loyalty. Ravenclaw which values intelligence, knowledge, and wit. And Slytherin which values ambition, cunning and resourcefulness.

As expected with my group of friends alot of them said.. "well Pottermore sorted me into..." Some disagreed with Pottermore and some said they nailed it. A few said they were a mix of several houses, which really didn't answer my question as Harry Potter fans know if the hat can't choose between two houses you can choose which one you want to join. And I think we're all a little bit of several houses mixed together.

Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor, which I can accept but my heart belongs to Hufflepuff. I've always felt that I would be sorted into the house of Hufflepuff, though it seems to be the least favorable of all the houses.. which kind of goes along with my personality as well (always being the outcast).

Which house would you be sorted into.. let me know below in the comment section.