Sunday, September 22, 2013

Random Geek Question: Horror Movies

Posted another random geek question on Facebook and Twitter... What is your favorite Horror/Supernatural movie/series?

Did realized until writing this blog post that it actually never posted to Facebook.. that would explain why I didn't get many responses.  But I did get a few on Twitter, Aaron said "The George A. Romero zombie movies. Night of the Living Dead & Dawn of the Dead". Erlend said "The Resident Evil films + The Shining". Steven said "Don't like Horror of any type really, as for supernatural series I'd say either Sanctuary or Lost Girl". Chris said "Favorite Horror: Either "The Thing" (1982 and 2011, both), or "Dawn of the Dead" (2006)", he also said " I suppose I like the show "Supernatural", as far as supernatural stuff goes. Also, big points for "Ghostbusters".  And Twitter friend Mark (eldiablito_72) says Poltergeist is one of his favorite Horror movies. 

I agree with Mark, my favorite "horror" movie would have to be Poltergeist. I remember being a kid (age 12) and watching it with my family at a drive in theater. It scared the living daylights out of me and to this day I still love watching all three of the movies. 

So what's your favorite Horror/Supernatural movie/series? Leave your answers in the comments below.