Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rough Morning & R.G.Q.: Favorite Alien

Today didn't start off so great. Been having issues with my unemployment insurance lately. Besides getting close to running out, a few days ago I got a call saying I missed a mandatory meeting and to call them back to reschedule. Well I called back and the phone just rang and rang and rang.. this was on Friday. So I figured half day or something and I would call back on Monday. So on Monday I got up first thing and called them. The person who I needed to talk to must have been on the other line as I got her answering machine so I left all my info and waited all day for a return call.. it never happened. On Tuesday I got a letter informing me of my suspension of insurance. I now have to fill out this form and explain why I missed the meeting and if they deem my answer valid then they will reschedule the appointment and continue with my unemployment insurance until it runs out. The reason I missed the meeting was that I never received the letter informing me of this "important" mandatory meeting. I don't know if they deem that as acceptable or not. So I may no longer get my unemployment insurance.. which sucks. I sent in the form so now I just have to wait and see.

But this news and me checking my bank account balance and my ever growing credit card balance I started to have a panic attack. Not a little mini one that I have time to time.. this was a full blown mental breakdown freak out. I spent the next few hours pacing the house, racking my brain over what I can sell and what I can do next. I'm not finding any viable post supervisors or co-coordinator jobs out there. Do I say screw it and take a job at a movie house or department store? Would I make enough to cover all my debt.. no. I'm totally at a loss.

Luckily for me it only lasted about three hours as I was finally able to gathered my senses and take control of my surroundings and managed to pull out of the attack... still stressed out of my mind (and I think that's causing me to have an ulcer, that's another story) but I'm going to take this one day at a time.. it's all I can do.

After this morning the rest of the day was pretty good and the night was even better. I posted another Random Geek Question on Facebook and Twitter: Who or What is your favorite Alien and Why. Folks liked this one I got about 30 or so responses. Lots of aliens from Star Trek, like Spoke, Q and Klingons. But I also got several of the alien from Farscape. Several folks said The Doctor from Doctor Who. And I even had one person say Alf and Mork (two of my favorites). It was a good mix of alien races and specific aliens. Thanks to everyone who participated and if you want to add your favorite alien to the list please leave that in the comment section below.