Monday, September 23, 2013

I Turn 43 Today

The day was September 23rd, 1970, the time 9.22pm, the location Pioneer Hospital in Artesia California. This is where I took my first breath and began what would be a very interesting life.

Today I turn 43 years old, in the past (age 40 - 42) I have thrown big weekend parties but this time I decided that I wasn't going to do that. I felt like it's just 43, now when I turn 45 that's going to be a different story.

I have amazing friends and family... I got over 200 Facebook posts wishing me a Happy Birthday and about 50 or so tweets. Family called to wish me Happy Birthday as did a few close friends. And I got some text messages and a few birthday cards. I felt well loved today. Thank you all for those warm wishes.

I didn't do a single thing today, my plan was to just chill and watch TV but since I did that yesterday because I was sick I was actually bored today. I didn't want to "work", ie painting or podcasting. So it turned into a blah kind of day.

A highlight of my day was watching Downton Abbey Season 4. It started in the UK yesterday and I scoured the internets looking for a copy. I finally found a legit copy and downloaded it (slow internet). Unfortunately the file didn't work on my TV so I had to watch it via the computer (which I am not a fan of) but honestly it didn't matter. From the first minute of the show I realized how much I miss these people and their lives. I won't go into spoilery details as I don't think this will air until early next year here in the States. But I loved it, every minute of it. After the tragic accident at the end of season three I was wondering how they would start season four. I liked how they handled one of the main cast members leaving during the hiatus. I still love Mr. Banks and Anna, Daisy is adorable and my hatred for Thomas is still there. I can't wait to see where this season goes.

During the evening I made my Birthday cake, I've been wanting to try this recipe I found for a Butterscotch Cake. I love butterscotch and I've been dying to make this. Even though I didn't have real butter or a mixer I managed to get everything mixed well. I wasn't sure how it was going to taste but it smelled pretty good. When I make cakes I always make cupcakes as I like that they are bite size and easy to eat. So when my first batch of cup cakes were done I took one and ate half of it without the icing. And to my surprise it was very tasty. I can't say it tasted exactly like butterscotch but it was still very tasty. I then put icing on the other half and oh man that is where the butterscotch taste comes from. It was like a sweetness overload. I could have eaten a dozen of them but I was good and had only that one... for now :)

I can't say this was a great birthday, I felt very alone (and I know that's crazy with all the love and messages I was getting), but I do appreciated all the birthday wishes how every I got them. I want to thank all those who sent gifts over the past few weeks (they are definably not required) but they are very much appreciated. I think this taught me a lesson.. Birthday are best when spent with friends.. I won't make that mistake again.