Wednesday, September 25, 2013

S.H.I.E.L.D. Webseries & Babylon 5

I found a companion series for Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. called "Declassified". Of course this is only the first episode so there isn't much content but what they say they will be including in each episode sounds pretty good. I look forward to watching each week. Here's Episode 1

Besides the awesome companion series today is Wednesday so that means TV night with my best bud Robert. We are continuing our first time viewing of Babylon 5. Tonight we watched Season 2 Episodes 7 - 11.

First up for the night is S2 Ep 7 "Soul Mates" Visitors to the station include Londo's three wives and Talia's ex-husband. Delenn has a bad hair day.

I liked this episode, it really didn't deal with any of the overall story arc. This was "fun" episode, a filler episode. Londo's wives storyline was my favorite. I liked seeing how different his three wives are. One is harsh and to the point, one is power hungry and will do or say anything to get what she wants and the third is young, beautiful and drawn to powerful, even ones that are not her husband. In the end Londo has to choose one wife to keep and two to kick to he curb. And of course he picked the wife I liked best, the hard nose, tell it like is wife. She asks him why he picked her as she will never love him and barely tolerate him and he says... "at least I know where I stand with you" and walks away. The camera pans to her face and you can see that she actually has feelings for

We then watched S2 Ep 8 "A Race Through Dark Places" Bester has Talia investigate an "underground railroad" of telepaths escaping the Psi-corp.

This was a good episode, this one dealt with they Psi-corp which I know are going to be a larger part of the story at some point. It seems, though we don't know forsure" that they are in control of the Earth government. This was a good Talin story, is she or isn't she good/bad/working for Psi-corp. In the end I'm glad she turned her back on them and tricked Bester. This story is far from over.. can't wait to see more of it unfold. I also liked the sparks that were flying between Captain Sheridan and Delenn, possible relationship between these two.. guess I'll have to wait and see.

Third episode of the night was S2 Ep 9 "The Coming of Shadow" The Centauri emperor visits the station, leading G'Kar to attempt to assassinate him. Lord Refa and Londo conspire to expand their power on Centauri Prime.

I really enjoyed this episode as it kind of ties in with the main story arc. I have to say I'm really not liking Londo, he continues to go down this very dark path. He alone starts a new war between the Narn and the Centauri. I'm actually liking G'Kar more. I was not a fan of him at the beginning as I thought he was "the bad guy" but he's more of a victim. I mean his plan to assassinate the Centauri emperor was not good, but it was understandable and when the emperor sent a message of apology to G'Kar through the doctor, G'Kar took it to heart and really began to heal until Londo pulled his stunt and started the new war.

Our fourth episode was S2 Ep 10 "GROPOS" A task force of ground troops led by Dr. Franklin's father is assembled at B5, leading to some friction.

This was an enjoyable episode, again more of a filler episode. We got more background story for the doctor. We meet a few new characters who interact with our main cast but of course by the end they are all dead, which was very sad as one of them "Dodger" would have been a cool reoccurring character to Garibaldi. 

And our final episode of the evening was S2 Ep 11 "All Alone In The Night" Sheridan is kidnapped onto an alien ship, Delenn pays for her actions and General Hague makes an unofficial visit to the station.

Again this was just a filler episode but a good one. When this alien race (who looked very much like aliens that we think as alien, big eyes, big bald heads) is discovered instead of surrendering, they jettison their prisoners into space... that was harsh. Luckily for us the Captain and a Narn prisoner were able to make it to an escape pod before they destroyed the ship. Delenn is thrown off the Grey Counsel which I expected but they keep her on as Ambassador to B5, which again I expected.

Overall some really good episodes but not a lot of progress in the over all story arc. Lots of character building, that one of the things I am loving about Babylon 5.