Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Next Tattoo

So my 43rd birthday is fast approaching and you know what that means.. time for another geeky tattoo. I started on my 40th birthday with my Hogwarts Crest then after my 41st birthday I got my R2D2 and then for my 42nd birthday I got the Lord of the Rings. So now I'm turning 43 and it's time to start planning my fourth tattoo.

I know it's going to be Star Trek as that's one of my top five all time loves and I have even had my friend Matt draw this awesome concept of what I am looking for and I was about to go with that when I got a chance to hang out with my friend Greg (Aronowitz) and he asked if he could take a crack at designing my next tattoo and of course I couldn't say no.. I mean I love all of Greg's work and to have an original Greg Aronowitz tattoo on my body would be amazing. So now I wait.. Greg is extremely busy and though my birthday is a week away I don't plan on getting it done in the near future... so I can wait for Greg's concept. If Greg just doesn't have the time then I'll go with Matt's as I love his concept and I think it will make a pretty kick ass tattoo. If that happens Greg can design my fifth tattoo for my 44th birthday :)