Friday, September 6, 2013

Just Another Day...

Today I didn't do much around the house.. after my disappointing weight gain I went out and actually did a half hour workout with my weights. I also jumped rope for 15 minutes to get my heart rate going, though it was murder on my knees and ankles.

I did do a bit of deck sanding, every time I go out there it looks so daunting but if I just do bit by bit in time it will all be done.

During the evening I did a Google hang out with my buddy Chris.We were joined but several friends. The conversation turned to Harry Potter and Pottermore. It's been a good six months or so since I logged into Pottermore and I was surprised at all the changes.. gonna have to take some time to go back through it and check them all out. While we were chatting I also logged another box of toys... Again a very daunting task but one box at a time and it will get done.