Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Well as I was leaving to go hang out with buddy Robert today I opened my front door and there was this huge box sitting there. I guess I was in the shower when they delivered it as I didn't hear them knock or ring the door bell.

Of course since it's so close to my birthday I figured it was another birthday gift. I went over to the box and noticed it was an Elliptical. Of course if you're following my blog you know my last elliptical broke and it's been a struggle to find another way for me to get a good cardio workout.

This was the perfect gift for me at the perfect time as I decided that I needed to get a new one and was looking at Goodwill for a used one. I checked out the packing slip to see who it was from and I recognized the name, it was my buddy Aaron. So I texted him and said I got the elliptical and he responded letting me know if was from "The Geek Mob". He said that my friends Robert, Becca, Kim, Anthony, Michelle, Olivia, Dallas, Nicki, Anne, Jes, Brett, Jen, Rupert, Scott and of course Aaron contributed to this group gift. They also had some left over funds so they gave me a "visa" gift card with the remaining balance.

How amazing are my friends, last year they pooled money together to get me a stand up arcade video game of Gauntlet II. And this year it's a much needed exercise machine.

I was heading out so I didn't get a chance to put it together or give it a spin, that will have to wait until tomorrow but I'm super excited to get my carido workouts back on.

Thanks to all who contributed to this gift. It's exactly what I wanted and needed. You all are so amazing and special, couldn't ask for anyone better.