Saturday, August 31, 2013

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

So I got home around 6:15pm after visiting friends and family. I was expecting to find Jen and Chris waiting for me at my place, ready to head out for dinner together. Instead I drove up and noticed my buddy Dallas on the back deck with a deck sander working away. As I pulled up and stopped more friends started walking from around the corner. They all looked tired, disheveled and dirty. Then Chris came from around the corner and said "Surprise".

I knew something was up.. I had this gut feeling that something was going on but I had no idea to what extent. Besides the gut feeling, everyone turned off their "Find Friends" which is an app that allows friends to see where other friends are located. They didn't want me to see that they were all at my place, and that furthered my suspicion that something was up. Come to find out that Dallas with Chris' help created "Operation Shiny". My group of friends have been talking on Facebook for over a week about getting together while I was away and trying to get some of my "house prepping" work done.

If you're a regular reader of my blog you know that I'm getting ready to sell my house... well I've been getting ready the past year. But before I can put it up I wanted to paint the entire outside of the house, re-do the decks, pull all the weeds and various other things to make it look it's best. They all helped with some of those... they worked from Noon to 7pm. They pulled weeds, moved around gravel and filled in spots where the gravel was gone in my driveway and sanded my back and front decks (unfortunately the big sander wasn't able to get everything so it's going to require more hand sanding to get everything). They also replaced one of my damaged screen doors.

The amount of work they all got done was very impressive. I mean the weeding alone was HUGE, but filling in the gravel in my driveway was great and getting 2/3's of my deck sanding done was a huge help.

I couldn't believe that my friends did this for me in the middle of their labor day weekend... how awesome are they. Still got a bit more to go before it's ready to be put up on the market but this definitely helped me in a big way and I will always be very grateful.

So thanks to Dallas and Chris for organizing this event and to Jes, Jen, Aaron, Rupert, Brett and Elie for working so hard today and getting me one step closer to selling my house.

Afterwards we all went out to Chili's for a much needed and deserved dinner.