Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 baby!

Happy New year everybody!!

I really want to be here this time next year, looks so amazing. Besides, 2012? Apocalypse? I'm really hoping that it DOESN'T happen but hey, don't count your years before a giant meter hits, right?

I'm not going to tell you what I did on the 1/1/11 because I have done NOTHING. I'd rather hear about what you guys did. PLEASE comment. I feel so unloved when I see that I've only got two in the history of this blog! I'd really like to know what you's did!

I downloaded Paramore's first album, "All We Know Is Falling" and watched Father Ted. That's how I welcomed 2011 into my life.
MRS DOYLE: I have cake! *holds up a cupcake*
FATHER TED: No, thanks, Mrs Doyle. 
MRS DOYLE: Are you sure, Father? There's cocaine in it! 
MRS DOYLE: Oh, no, not cocaine. God, what am I on about. No, what d'you call them. Raisins. 
Love Father Ted, Dougal's my favourite though, he's such a numpty.

It's such a laugh, Dougal becomes a milkman, I recommend this video. 

I just stayed at home with my Mum and Dad and wished them a happy new year... I'll do something next year, till then? I'm content with that.

Decided that I'm going to make monthly aims and write them on my calendar instead of having ones for the New year. Let's face it, New Year Resolutions only last until you consider it to be New Year. A month? Two at the most?

Aims for January?

Go bowling
Watch Black Swan
Draw five things
Bake something
Pass Psychology NAB 
Phone Michelle

Simple, so simple, but I wouldn't do them if they weren't aims!

HOWEVER, Aims below are the aims that I will check at the end of the year. I'll see what happens, not promising or expecting anything. But I hope to cross off at least half of these.

(Easy aims)
Blog for every day of the year. Does that mean blog everyday? No. It means blog ABOUT everyday
Do Project 365 again
Go on a road trip

(Intermediate aims)
Pass all my Highers
Finish off one of my Movie Scripts
Get a job

(Difficult aims) 
Play Yahtzee with Hayley Williams
Get a hug from Pink/Danny from The Script/Katy Perry
Watch 100 movies at the cinema

One thing is for certain...

This shall be the year of the Penguin.

Hope you all have a brilliant year! 

Lauren xxx