Monday, January 10, 2011

Time moves slowly.

Oh so slowly.

Yeah, today bored me so badly.

Not even going to do my conventional timetable blog because there was NOTHING of interest today. Sorry.

Came home and watched the Godfather however.

Not sure what to say about it. It's considered by so many people to be one of the best (if not THE best) film of all time. I can see why it's a great film, the characters were complex and relate-able (despite them being gangsters) and some of the scenes are just pure, unadulterated perfection. Despite this, I still didn't reaaaaaaally like the film.

Hey, I have seen some pretty epic films in the past year, Inception, Prestige, Requiem for a dream, Fight Club and Trainspotting (Just to name a few) and if I watched The Godfather before them, I would have been bowled away by it.

I don't know what I was "expecting" from it. I expected there to be some plot that would just kill me with excitement. I expected there to be some giant twist ending that I would have never have been able to get. Instead, I watched a long film with some shootings, a few very clever scenes, great characterisation and a severed horse head. And is that bad? No. But that doesn't make an epic for me, I'm sorry.

I did however love Don's character. Exceptional acting, instantly recognizable voice to match instantly recognizable dialogue. If you haven't ever heard the line "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse" just... log off this blog. Go on. Click the button on the right hand corner. Just kidding, stay on. I'll educate you.

Seriously though, Don is the best. He cares so much for his family, he takes people from off the street and treats them like his family (literally). He's so insanely brutal yet you don't see him being brutal. He's definetly got layers to his character. It's brilliant.

Ending scene was fantastic. As was the scene with the Don at the Funeral Parlour. And the scene where Michael made his first kill. Opening scene was fantastic too. And if you're thinking "WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! Hold the bus, she's just said that half of the movies was fantastic and yet she thinks it's a disappointment? How does that work?" Well my little film junkie, it works because it's a long movie. A VERY long movie. You need a lot of time and patience to watch this movie in one go. Two things I have little of at the moment. So I had to watch it in three or four chunks. That might have diminished my interest? Sorry. I think it's a great movie. I think that it's an epic gangster movie. But an epic movie all round? Not really.

That's my take on "The Godfather" then. Sorry for Godfather Junkies. Just not really feeling the movie... especially cause I was eating breakfast when the horse's head came on screen... ew.

OH! And (if you pay attention to this blog) you should be able to remember that I reviewed "It's kind of a funny story" and complained about Noelle's self harming never being explained. Well, turns out that it was a book.

You know, the thing made out of paper that has words printed on it?
Yeah, well it's a book. And the BOOK explains it.

Jeeezo guys, you don't ask for much. Maybe leave out the "Under pressure" lip sync scene and take some time to build a backstory for your characters, huh?!


I discovered that Noelle self harms because she was sexually abused. So to cope with it, she cut her face with a pair of scissors. Shame. But at least I know that now, self harmers have usually been abused in some sort of way. The others just use it as a coping mechanism. We all have them, I'm just saying, if someone has clearly been self harming, don't shout emo at them, kay? Self harm is probably the most serious thing that is associated with depression bar suicide. Don't push them further into their depression. Give them a helping hand OUT.

Damn, watch that It's cool.

It's of We are the in crowds. Watch the first 10 secs and you'll know what I'm speaking about. Also, LOL at end.

Lauren out xxx