Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ouuuch. Back to school tomorrow.

Nope, for once, I have got the right day! Tomorrow, I'm back at school.


It's alright though, tomorrow will be a nice relaxing day back, only got one proper period.

Triple free (as I'm meant to have double Psychology followed by a free period but Psychology is a college course and college doesn't start till next week)

Brilliant way to get me back in the swing of things.

So, I'll have a good, informative blog for you tomorrow (here's hoping)

Went to town today, trying to convince my Mum to buy clothes that she likes, so difficult! She is desperate to find reasons NOT to buy it. 
MUM: *holds up purple sweater* Ooooh, this is nice!
ME: Get it then.
MUM: Awww no, I just like the colour.
Awwww, she's adorable.

She bought me new Pyjama's today, bottoms are red, black and white checks and the top is a long sleeved, black jumper. They are really nice, I love them.

Bumped into Ashleigh, shouted at her, and she STILL ignored me.

Bumped into her again at the bus stop and you should have seen her face.
ASHLEIGH: *Hand over mouth in shock* What did you do to your hair?
ME: I chopped it.
Ehh... guess that means she doesn't like it.

Came home and watched this ridiculous show called "Pre-teen proms"

Crazy. Absolutely crazy.

It was following two classes of Eleven year olds as they were preparing for their leaver's prom, and I swear, it was like watching a Scottish version of "Super Sweet 16".

It was disgusting! Watching Eleven years old clump on fake tan, false eyelashes and false nails and getting these stupid awards...

"Most Likely to get married".

Most likely to get married.


Ahhh... It's crazy. So crazy.

Then this little girl got announced as "Best dressed female" and d'yah know what she said?
"This is the happiest moment of my life, apart from birth."
... If these kids are the future....

I can see why we're all meant to die next year.

On that cheery note, I bid you farewell, till tomorrow at least!

... No! I can't end there! Too depressing!

Rightio, I'm going to recommend some people to you, okay!

So, I've been getting a lot of follows on Twitter from bands, I'm so grateful that their using twitter to promote because their really good!! 

First up? Carson.

Whoever is updating the twitter and facebook pages are so sweet, and the music is pretty damn awesome. Even better? Their demos are available for free HERE.

Next? Farewell Fighter.

Love, Lust Or Losing it? Is one of my favourite songs right now. You, me at six and All Time Low fans should DEFINITELY check them out. Their songs are very upbeat. Even better? They've done a cover of "You've got a friend in me". Epic.

Third? We are the In Crowd.

This is my new music obsession. "Never be what you want" is my favourite, chorus is so catchy. Listen to them, especially if your suffering from Paramore withdrawal. Even better? Kerrang has tipped them to be one of the up and coming bands of 2011. Listen to them before it was cool to do so.

Oh! And the members of this group are FREAKING ADORABLE.

Fourth? Got to do some promotion for my buddy Kyle!

He does some game tutorials on youtube. Well... not game tutorials per say... Ehhh... just click on the link! He's an awesome gamer! Even better? He's looking for a sponsor and it could be you *points to screen*. Think your man enough? Leave a comment for him.

Last but not least, obviously, Myke Black.

I love this guys music, and I still need to buy his album, disgrace, I know, but hey, it's an AWESOME album and I'm currently attempting to find it in HMV! Even Better? His cover of "Walking On Sunshine".

And, I'm going to indulge in some self promotion, I've got two photography jobs now!!

Okay... fair enough, it's not paying jobs, but I'm still psyched!

Doing some photography for my school's production of grease and taking some photos for one of my best friend's Tae Kwon Do. She's awesome at it, she's going to compete in the world championships in March this year! Eeek! Everyone wish her good luck on twitter (@halletkd)

That's me for the night!

Blog at yah tomorrow!!

Lauren xxx