Friday, December 31, 2010

Last post of 2010 (EEK!)

Well guys and gals, we've made it through another year...

So, I'll raise my glass (Once I have a glass, I will, until then, you'll have to make do with a Kinder Egg toy container) to you, and I wish you health, love, prosperity, luck and happiness for the year to come. I hope all of you students out there pass your upcoming exams, I hope that you all find/keep love next year and I hope that at least one of you will win the lottery. 

Unless your this guy... STOP DOING THAT DERREN! Give someone else a chance.

So, I got my hair cut today... for the first time in... wow, god knows. 

I mean properly cut, of course I had a haircut in the past few months, seriously, who do you think I am?

This guy?

Hence, new haircut. Still haven't made my mind up yet on it. So short, got a scare!


Just don't look at the face and you'll be fine.

So went into town with Abie and Lewis after that, it was good! Learnt that Lewis NEEDS a personal shopper if he's going into town though... 
LEWIS: These are nice! Their a 34...
ABIE:  You're a 32!!
LEWIS: Oh yeah... *five minutes later* These are a 34...
LEWIS: Do these look poofy?
ABIE: Poofy?
Ahhhh man. What a nut ;)

They did look a bit... poofy. Nice poofy though. They were bedazzled.

Was heading to F&B's for lunch, turns out it was a twenty minute wait to get in so we did a quick detour to our usual, yo sushi.

Apart from... Abie's never been before, so we took her to lose her Yo Virginity. Proud moment for any Yo sushi whore.

We had a huge order...

Chicken Yakisoba x3

Chicken Katsu Curry x3
Chicken Katsu
Duck Gyoza

Chicken Gyoza
Fresh Fruit
Chocolate Ganache cake
Chicken Tsukne
Diet Irn Bru x3
Diet Coke

Lewis made Abie mix Wasabi into her Chicken Yakisoba (Chicken and Noodles for non-sushi people). They said it was horrible. I didn't want to try it because I enjoy eating good food.

Haha, Abie took the Chocolate Ganache Cake off of the belt and tried it, then shoved the plate to Lewis and told him to eat it because it was too chocolaty. Lewis tried it and then shoved it to ME because it was too chocolaty...
ME: Ehh... I'll try a bit.
ABIE: Yeah! Just try half of it. Or it all.
I did try it, oh wow, never again, death by chocolate is possible.

Ran into Ms Duguid too. Whenever I see her, all I think of is The Attack of the Herbals trailer (0.55)

We ended up going to Hobby Craft to, I needed to buy Fimo for my Art project

Lewis has a Clown's car horn as his ringtone, I could never lose those two because all you could hear is "Honk honk!" 

Lewis costed Abie a fortune too, she was buying card making supplies for her Brother's 18th and he basically forced her to buy a pen, so cute ^_^

Not much else has happened in all honesty, Mum was going a little nuts with the hoover, she stuck it in my pet birds cage and started hoovering the toaster... 

Ahhh well, next post shall be in 2011! See you then!

Happy New Year! 

Lauren out xxx