Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do dogs have Brothers and Sisters?

Sometimes, you just know that it isn't your day.

When the bus passes you in the morning... BOTH of them, and leaves you in the cold... you know it's one of those days.

Ended up getting the OTHER bus that only goes half way to my school and started walking. Met one of my old buds on the bus though, so it was worth it. She's gone off to college now, haven't spoken to her in ages! Good to catch up.


Fun fun fun. 

Wasn't. I ended up freaking out about my psychology NAB and the IMPOSSIBLE maths homework... that was actually really easy.

Linzie came back from her meeting with Mr Whyte and told us that she's apparently the 3rd smartest in our year...

Yes. My headteacher is that sad... he actually has a league of smartness. I detest that... just proves that we're nothing more than tools and ornaments to him. Gaaaaah.


Calum was back, Dougal was not. 

Mr Hughes went over the homework with us. So as said, it was actually really easy! Don't you just hate it when that happens?!

Calum told me that he was going to stop for me and give me a lift to school but his car was full, bless him! Haha, most people just roll their eyes and wonder why I would walk to school.

Ended up missing the bus to Torry too.

Don't even know why!! It went away early. I was just walking up the stairs and then it drove off. Then I was like "This isn't my day... why am I walking to Torry to take a NAB if it isn't!?" 

Also, I never realised this on the bus, but it's an uphill walk. ALL uphill.

Dah dah daaaah!

Calum to the rescue.
Except, Calum doesn't wear his pants on the outside of his trousers.
Or have feminine boots.

He and Danielle stopped the car and drove me to Torry. N'yaaaaw. Thanks guys! I really appreciated it. It would have taken me the two hours to walk that far!


Did the re-sit. I only hope that I've passed... predicted my grade to be a 14 out of 20... think that might have been a little too high... As long as I get a 10... as long as I pass!

Dod wandered out of the classroom every five minutes... to call what he was going through a "coughing fit" was a bit of an understatement. I thought he was going to cough up a lung.

Got out of the classroom and we were waiting for the school bus to pick us up... some Torry kids started staring at us... think it was the same ones that stuck their finger up to me a few months ago...

My pet's a cute guinea pig terrifying dinosaur.
And I'm not afraid to use it.

This girl came out of school, screaming...
It really isn't... It's Aberdeen council's school... You are just a pupil in it.


Was in the library with Mrs Haggarty. Fun fun fun.

She moved Grant. For nothing.

Ahh man.

Mrs Rankin and Mr Tullock apparantly wrecked some teachers room and then hid in the cupboard together... Haha, jeezo, those two are nuts!


Kelly seemed so stoned.

She just stared into space for a minute and then snapped back to reality... Haha, I love that kid.

Rachel has another one of her "moments".
RACHEL: ... Do dogs have Brothers and Sisters?
Everyone laughs... then they realise she's serious.
KELLY: They have, like, 6 in every litter.
ME: Unless you're in a disney movie, then you have 101 puppies...
MR MCDONALD: Don't confuse her even more! 
I try to get back to work (e.g. Drawing doodle flowers on a bit of paper) and look up to everyone laughing and Rachel muttering away to herself.
ME: What's she saying now?
KELLY: Something about Dalmations.
Oh no. What have I started?
RACHEL: Lauren, go type Wrinkly Dogs into google!! I love those wrinkly wrinkly dogs...
She then does this noise... that is NEVER meant to be grunted/moaned unless talking about someone sexy. Seriously, I was wondering if she loved those Wrinkly dogs a little too much...


RACHEL: AWW! Look at his little bum!

Haha. Our art class rocks.
RACHEL: Go type in Puppy chou chou!
It's the puppy representation of ^_^

Was meant to be filming Grease at night.

Went home, sat on the radiator to warm up and almost collapsed... so... that didn't happen.

Wish I went though! Sounded amazing :(

But didn't want to faint and break my camera!!

Lauren xxx