Monday, January 24, 2011


DJ's? Pick your name carefully.

It tells the world a lot about your personality.

DJ Tommy Turntables (Yeah, that's a real DJ) tells us that you are going to be DJing for Kids parties. Forever.

DJ BoozyWoozy.... You will be DJing for Jersey Shore in the next three months. Don't cheer. That's NOTHING to be proud of.

DJ Bobo. You're going to be unheard of... unless people hear your song and then go "THAT'S the name of the abomination that subjected us all to that song?"

DJ Markster....... Just no!!!

Linzie's party was DJ'd by DJ Markster.

Her cousin then added him on Facebook.... To find out he's a really sleazy guy.

Guess who's getting unfriended?!

Got on the yellow bus this morning, because going to school isn't a painful enough experience already!

There was actually a sign that read
"This bus has been checked for sleeping Children."
Dude... WTF?!

Is this some sort of regular occurrence?

Oh.... It is? My bad.


Passed my Technical Analysis NAB! 18 outta 30!

It was like, the second easiest NAB we could have been given and I still only managed to scrape a pass.

I'm a complaining?


Not much was done or said, had a nice chat with Lee, but other than that? Just your average English lesson.


Spent deliberating whether or not Milton was gay. 

We went for gay.

Although we did find out who he fancied. Adorable. That's all I can say!

BUT he could be using her to cover up his gayness?

NOTE: I don't think he is gay. Just a joke!

Me and Sara went into town after that. Went to Frankie and Benny's for a BBQ chicken pizza (NOM!) and a good catch up!

Love going to town with Sara, always have a great time!

On the way home, the buses window was fogged up, so we drew a Sad, Angry, Dorito vampire with bucked teeth.

We named him Lorence.

Lauren xxx