Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's a bongo, If it is a bongo, but it isn't a bongo and it doesn't go Bumbodumbodumbo but goes "PHWWAAAH".

The answer?

A bongo.

NO! Not those Bongos.

That's a Bongo. Ain't it cute.

Again, nothing was done today, apart from Bathe.

Whoopi Goldberg style.

Yeah. First bath of the New Year, a few months back, Scott told me to think about how clean I feel. I did feel very clean! ^_^

I mean, I should be feeling clean, I haven't had a bath since LAST YEAR!

Heh-heh... I always over play that joke, that I haven't done something since last year. I apologise.

So I made another rose out of fimo. It looks better than the last, just took about 20 times, Kept squishing it down because I was not content with it. Not usually like me to be a perfectionist.

But, hey! I think it looks pretty good!

Can't believe I'm back to school on Wednesday!

Haaaa, better get that homework done eh?

Haven't got a clue what's happening tomorrow guys and gals. Got a selection of options:

A) Dundee with Mum and Dad
B) Dinner with Halle, Lewis and Ashleigh
C) Movie and pizza with Jennifer and Michelle.

I want to do all, but I can't... Study leave can't come quick enough!! 

Lauren xxx