Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Socially awkward meringues. And torrential drizzle. Ayyye?

Emmm... Post title will become apparent soon.

Kinda started off on a rough note today, went to bed feeling pretty depressed, woke up REALLY depressed. Haha, go figure!

Discovered pretty early on that I was going to be really Socially Awkard for the entire day. I couldn't really be bothered striking up conversations, so my day was kind of quiet.

Don't worry though! A lot of stuff did happen today!

Started with Regi/Redgy/Reggie (However you want to spell it), when our Regi/Redgy/Reggie teacher informed us that it was Burns day

WOOO! Scottish pride!

Caitlin asked her if she was going to be eating Haggis tonight, and Mrs Talboys said no, Caitlin looked shocked and said
CAITLIN: You look like a person that would eat Haggis!
Haha, cute!


We had that nutter of a policeman in today. It's quite embarassing because he's always flirting with Mrs Anderson...

Note MRS. MRS Anderson.

He was talking to us about date rape and this stupid common sense test, gaaaah.
POLICEMAN: If I were to walk into a nightclub, and I'm looking across the room, see Mrs Anderson and walk up to her like "Hey, How you doin'? Would you like me to buy you a drink?" And she says *Giggles like a girl* "A G&T" because she's a classy lady.
MRS ANDERSON: He does this every year.
POLICEMAN: And I'd go up to the bar and I'd ask for a triple G&T because I would be trying to... have my wicked way with her.
Dudddeee!! Heard of mental images?

When you say something, I see it. In my head.

So if I say "King Kong is on a date with the Hulk but Spiderman gets jealous and starts throwing breadsticks around the room"... you think about that.

And that, my dear friends, is called Inception.

He told us this dreadful joke too, but it's so bad, I'm not going to waste mine/your time repeating it.


Mrs Duncan was off so we had Mrs Celnik instead.

Not much else to comment on.


Kelly wasn't there today, so it's hardly going to be an epic story, is it?

Just talking to Kati, Hayleigh, Bev, Kristina, Liam, Lauren and Sara. Haha, okay, spent the period talking to my class.

And printing the design for my perfume box onto coloured card! Yay! It's looking fairly okay actually, pretty psyched for the final design.

It was a glitter explosion though, Sara was using glitter, Hayleigh was using glitter, it was everywhere.

They were looking like Twilight vampires in the sun

Sparkle sparkle!!

I'm with David Boreanaz though. 
Sparkly vampires = Gay vampires.

I love Twilight. But I'm just saying, sparkly vampires?!

Went outside and realised that it was Torrential Drizzle. Gaaaaah. Torrential drizzle is the same as normal amounts of rain, but drizzle makes you look like an idiot for putting up your hood!

Better than having ABBA hair though.

OH! And at Lunch, Jonathan and Kelbie had a bit of a scrap.

Went a little like this:

Johnny threw garlic butter (or some sort of substance along that lines) over Kelbie. By accident.

He didn't want to get in "trouble" for this. So he hid. In the girl's toilet.

Kelbie found him and threw Pasta King. In his face.

They then started rolling around the bathroom floor, putting eachother in headlocks.

Ohhhhh LOL. Our school.


Always the double that kills me.

Poor Dougal came back, he was off with the flu :( Poor toot.

Now Calum's off though! Jeeezo!

Speaking of Flu, Billy's meant to have Swine flu

I'm blaming you Miss Piggy.

He couldn't speak on Monday, he couldn't hear today, and just generally experiencing Flu like symptoms. 

Shame. I wish him a speedy recovery!

Got home after that, felt amazing just to sit down!

Then I realised that the Sun were winding up foreigners and pretending that they were "The Freerange Haggis company".

Meet... the Haggis.

I think that it looks like a cross between:



My Mum was having a laugh too, our family refers to meringues as boobs (Because... they look like boobs).

So she stuck them down her top and went through to the living room asking my Dad for his opinion on them!
Ahhhhh my god.

Scarred for life!!

OH! Oscar noms are out today too! Haven't had a chance to look at them?

I'm going to admit... I am hugely disappointed in the main categories.

The academy is CLEARLY a bunch of old farts... mainly because Inception has been snubbed, in a huge way.

No Directing Nom for Nolan
No Best Actor award for DiCaprio
No Best Actress/Best Actress in supporting role for Marion Cotillard.

I mean... What? 

Okay, it got nominated for :

Art Direction
Music (Original score)
Best Picture
Sound Editing
Sound Mixing
Visual effects
Writing (Original Screenplay)

And... well... Rightly so! But I can't fathom why Nolan wouldn't be nominated for best director!!

The most nominated film in this years Oscars is "The King's Speech".

It's a good film. Hey, the ending is great, Firth is amazing, Helena Bonham Carter is brilliant in a supporting role and Hooper's directing is pretty effective, but Best picture? Ehhhh... not sold on that.

So, I'm backing "Black Swan". It deserves it.

Quick "Who I'd like to win" 

Actor in a leading role 
Who I think will win - Colin Firth - The King's Speech
Who I'd like to win - James Franco - 127 Hours

Actor in a supporting Role
Who I think will win - Christian Bale - The Fighter
Who I'd like to win - Geoffrey Rush - The King's Speech

Actress in a leading role 
Who I think will win/Who I'd like to win - Natalie Portman - Black Swan

Actress in a Supporting Role
Who I think will win - Amy Adams/Helena Bonham Carter - The Fighter/The King's Speech respectively
Who I'd like to win - Only watched The King's speech out of this category so HBC.

Animated Feature Film
Who I think/would like to win - Toy Story 3

Art Direction
Who I think/would like to win - Inception

Who I think will win - Tough one... Undecided.
Who I'd like to win - Inception or Black Swan

Costume Design
Who I think will win - True Grit
Who I'd like to win - I'm suprised I'm saying this but Alice in Wonderland

Who I think will win - Either David Fincher or Darren Aronofsky
Who I'd like to win - Aronofsky all the way.

Film Editing
Who I think will win - The Social Network
Who I'd like to win - 127 Hours

Music (Original Score)
Who I think will win - Inception
Who I'd like to win - Inception

Music (Original Song)
Who I think will win - "If I rise" - 127 Hours
Who I'd like to win - "If I rise" - 127 Hours

Best Picture
Who I think will win - Sinking feeling that it will be either The King's speech or The Social Network. 
Who I'd like to win - Inception, Black Swan, 127 Hours or FINALLY an animated film in the form of the fantastic Toy Story 3.

Short film (animated)
Who I think will win - Day and Night
Who I'd like to win - Day and Night

Sound Editing
Who I think will win - Inception/Toy Story 3
Who I'd like to win - Toy Story 3

Visual effects
Who I think will win - Inception
Who I'd like to win - Inception

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)
Who I think will win - The Social Network
Who I'd like to win - 127 Hours

Writing (original Screenplay)
Who I think will win - Inception
Who I'd like to win - Inception

If there's any justice in the world!

Lauren xxx