Monday, January 3, 2011

Musical blog (DISCLAIMER: The blog contains no music)

My friends people.

Wow. They really scare me sometimes. But I love them!

Took a bit of a hissy fit this afternoon, was really hating my hair. Went away to Jennifer's house, soon forgot about my hair.

I turned up (late, well, what's new there?) but I was there before Michelle! GASP! She's always getting onto me for being late.

So me and Jennifer just ended up chatting about the crazily boring time we've had on Holiday and we played some Mario Kart... I used to ROCK at that game, what happened?! I stalled on the first 3 seconds, WTF?!

Michelle came (half an hour later) and we began watching Get him to the Greek... yeah... "watching".

We always do that. We'll put on a film and then we will completely ignore it! I never do that in my own house, so disrespectful to a good film! 

Turns out Michelle has a huge love for Leonardo DiCaprio. 
MICHELLE: He's 36! Only 20 years difference! I can handle that.
My old actor crush is Brad Pitt...

Fight Club era of course.

Tell me you wouldn't do shots off that six pack! RAWR.

Moving on.

We had a dominos after that, was so yummy, Chicken Strippers, Cookie and a ham pizza/cheese and tomatoes.

Domino's is the finest pizza that you can possibly have delivered. People in other countries? I recommend you come to Scotland just to taste this pizza.

Went up to see Jennifer's room after that, it's epic! She's got a different, bright colour on each wall and has tonnes of posters of My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, All Time Low, etc etc on on the walls. Phwoaaar. I love her music taste.

Speaking of music taste? We were going through Jennifer's iPod and getting Michelle to guess the name of the artist. Turns out that she can't even tell the difference between a male and female singer...

Some Music for "Music Monday"?

For the happy, chilled back reader: "Momma's boy" by Elizabeth and the Catapult

For the rocker in you: "Girl Like that" by Every Avenue

For the acoustic, live concert junkie: "Aftermath Live at Glam Nation" by Adam Lambert.

For those who love an upbeat chorus: "Welcome to the Breakdown" by I fight Dragon (0.57 seconds in)

For those who like new music: "Love, lust or losing it?" by Farewell Fighter. 

And just because he's awesome: "Vessels" by Butch Walker

Rightio... back to school on Wednesday...

Oh! Sorry, just got word that we're going back on THURSDAY!

Oh I haven't been this happy in so long!

WOOOP! Rightio, that means that tomorrow isn't my last day of holidays and I'm good to go!

Lauren xxx