Sunday, January 23, 2011

She did WHAT now?

Facebook is the source of all evil.

Screw money, money buys people houses and safety, Facebook does NO good for society.

We have discovered this today.

Some girl (Who, I have to admit, I feel sympathy for) has sent her (now ex) Boyfriend naked photos of herself...

Who, he showed his friends...

And his friends showed... Well, the whole of Torry Academy.

You said it Flint.

So Idiot of the year award goes to the girl for sending the pictures in the first place...  to a boy that, by the sounds of it, she hasn't been going out with for long.

Previous Idiot of the year.

Biggest douche of the year award goes to the boys that allowed the WHOLE of Torry Academy to see those pictures.

Wear this hat with honour. You deserve it.

I only hope that something bad doesn't result from this...

So have you learnt your lesson?


Full stop.

End of.

Lauren xxx