Monday, January 17, 2011

Apologies for the technical difficulties

I woke up today, knowing that I was going to die of boredom.

However, what I didn't foresee coming was nearly getting strangled by my earphones.

Moral of the story? Don't attempt lucid dreaming by listening to music. Your lucid dream may be your last.

Besides that small "incident", this morning was good!

Started the day right, blared Pink out of an open window 

She's better than any coffee.

Speaking to Abie and Ashleigh at the bus stop. This wifey turned round and started speaking to Ashleigh. Fair due's I though, She must be related to Ashleigh...

Nope. She's never seen the girl in her life.

Turns out Chris was slagging off this person for being ugly...
WIFEY: At least he doesn't sound gay! Moral of the story? Always look in the mirror before judging other people.
 And then she casually walked off the bus.


Mrs Talboys decided to rub it in that I don't get double free this afternoon because of this STUPID YPI THING.

Yeah. Screw it. I think it's stupid. I'm all for raising money for charity but in the end, only one group will win it and the other twelve or so missed out.

Anyway, she repeated the fact that everyone had to stay 5th and 6th several times. 

Gaaah. That made me angry.

And you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.


Mrs Fulton was back!

She  totally wins "Trooper" award. She fell on the ice and seriously hurt her foot and she needs to get her wisdom teeth out tomorrow because she's in such pain and she still came to school.

Ms Alba, take note.

She was just taking us through some essays, telling us that we need to subtly hint towards there being a con if we are pro arguement but NOT to say
MRS FULTON: *In Reference to Cons of the internet* Oh and the paedophiles would have a field day!
LOL! Epic.


I had a staring contest with a fish. The fish won.

Linzie slagged off my taste in movies because I watched "The King's speech" and am REALLY psyched to see "Black Swan". Just because it's about ballet doesn't mean it's not bad-ass!!
ME: At least it's better than "Pirates of the Caribbean".
Hah, that shut her up!! ;)
DR ROBERTSON: Name two vessells.
JASON: Titanic and Queen Mary!
Bah dum dum! 

That's a drumroll...

Did you get that?

Spent the whole of Lunch trekking around school, trying to find Lewis' poster.

Couldn't find it though, went back to hot bar and spent the rest of the time talking to Sophie and Chris ^_^

They are so adorable, gonna miss them when they are gone!

Lewis took photos of Sophie as an old woman, haha, she will age well!!


I'm going to be honest... I was fully intending to skive Y.P.I.

The fact is, I wasn't even in a group. AND I have a Psychology RE-SIT this week. So screw Y.P.I. 

Was sitting next to Lee and Kelly though, so I had quite a good time, despite being forced to stay and endure lengthy slideshows, developing a sore head and feeling like I was away to vomit. 

All of 5th year was there, whether you were presenting or not. There was a "judges panel" who were basically any random people that they could find off the street.

Rachel and Laura were up first and... OH NO!!!

They couldn't log on.

It took seven teachers, a technician, three cables, two laptops and fifteen minutes to fix this problem.

Hence the joke:
ME: How many teachers does it take to change a laptop?
LEE: I don't know.
ME: Four. One to get the laptop, one to hold the cable, one to plug in the cable and one to stand there uselessly. 
Hardly Lee Evans standards but it will do!

After Rachel and Laura presented, this boy started asking them difficult questions, and the first thing that popped into my mind?

Eh.... The Second thing that popped into my mind?

Yup. A SCOTTISH version of Dragon's Den.

Pffft, but the hilarious thing was, they were NOT.

The head boy got into a Ford after the presentations. Hardly big shot businessman material, is it?

Although they are pretty decent cars!

And he clapped so sarcastically. Bleh.

They did have a big cheque though...

Made out of a whiteboard.

You read right, a whiteboard.

Jennifer's team won.

Didn't help that John was so close to saying that he wasn't going to do it and if he was forced to, he would sabotage it. Uncool dude!

I say Jennifer's team... It was just her and Sam. 

I didn't really care who won, it's going to a good cause regardless!

Then I just came home, more photos were taken.

Am away to go and do something... productive...

Like homework.
Well... it has to be done!

Lauren xxx