Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mind blank.

Woaaaah, what happened today?! Can't be that interesting!!

Listening to Hayley and Taylor singing "In the mourning".

I'm going to blame that beautiful track for my momentary loss of memory.

It's back... kind of.

So it was raining this morning, pretty heavily too, was strange though, because it was like movie rain. It just fell straight down, couldn't even feel it, unlike what usually happens, the rain manages to fall at a 270 degree angle.

It's basically horizontal rain.

However, this was majourly vertical, so it was nice to have a walk!

Linzie was at the bus stop. Some form of talking happened... as said, mind blank.

Had to sign Mrs Gray's birthday card today too, Laura... what can you do with her?!


Claire explained the homework to me in intricate detail, took me FOREVER to understand it.

Speaking of Claire, she had to go down to a meeting with Mr Whyte... *queue rant* 

Mr Whyte is our headteacher and I've never been fond of him. He's obsessed with statistics, always has been, and it feels as though his image is more important than our education.

Some of the people who chose five highers (e.g. Claire) got called down to "motivate them".

He asked them whether they thought they would pass and said:
"We're on 19 people *doing five highers* so we're ahead of Hazlehead"
"I want you to pass these exams for yourself and I want you to pass them for me"
Pass them for him?!

He treats us like we're nothing more than statistics, or, at best, ornaments that he can show off to whoever he pleases. "Oh yes, these are the prefects. These are the people that passed Standard Grade with six credits. These are the people who..." blah blah blah. I refuse to be part of that. I don't want to be an anarchist. I just don't want to give up on what I believe in and work my ass off for a guy that will risk our health and safety to make himself look better! We were one of three schools open on that terrible day for god's sake!! Would he rather we were injured and in school that at home and safe?!

So yeah, these comments annoyed me.

Even worse? He asked Sara:
"And why didn't you pass you Psychology NAB?!"
Five highers dude.

Do you even know what that means?!

We've got so much on our plates, some more than others, I was up until 2am last morning finishing off homework. 2am. I wake up at 6am. Couldn't be more tired! Some people do that a lot. Some even have to do that AND work long hours. And you're treating us as if we're only useful to you if we're passing exams?!


Screw you.


Nothing interesting again. Just work and the confused faces.


Dod had a REALLY bad cold. Such a shame, he could barely speak.

We got speaking about COD too.
ME: So you've played COD, yeah?
SARA: Yes, but have you played Haddock.





Didn't go down well.

Went to the computers after that and was listening into conversations. The usual.

Talking to Ashleigh and Kirsty after Psychology too, tried to explain my vegetarian version of Lady Gaga's meat dress to them, turned Sara off her Banana.

And there's apparantly a guy with REALLY big moobs.

MOOB definition:
Breasts on a man. Scene above.

So he wouldn't need a coconut bra, he'd need two pumpkins.

Not just any pumpkins. Carriage size pumpkins. They be some HUGE moobs man.

We were also thinking about the funniest things that Gillian McKeith could smuggle into the jungle in her pants.

A pineapple (OUCH.)


So we then got onto talking about what Pokemon. Ashleigh suggested Pikachu... but what's his power?

Yes, shooting lightening bolts.

And which essential female part is he being smuggled beside?!


Before getting snuck into Jungle

During getting snuck into Jungle
This remind anyone else of the movie "Teeth"?
You know what the purple thing represents!

After being snuck into jungle. 
Poor thing is scarred.

Gillian McKeith.

Good times.

Halle has now left school! I'm so gutted that I won't be able to see her everyday :( I'm going to miss that SO much!!


Grant was attempting to do the Usher "OMG" hat dance move today...

With half of a globe.

To be honest, he looked like a Hippy Jewish boy.

Also, There's a hole at the top of Kelly's half globe and she stuck a bit of red plastic through it, you know, to see what would happen and it ended up looking like a boob.

Woo hoo! Maturity!

And Kelly's globe vibrates. If you throw it up and catch it in your hands, you feel some vibrations. Awesome.

And NO-ONE understands it when I say "Hello Clarice."


Had a few conversations tonight too, so I'm happy!

Talked to Michelle (Who's now job hunting, I'm so proud!) and Chloe :)

So I'm going to be baking, bowling and watching a lot of film in the next few weeks. Fantastic!!

That's it! Better get back to homework... booo!

Lauren xxx