Friday, January 7, 2011

Chub a Chubs, MoonPigs and dinosaurs, Oh my!

Wizard of Oz reference.


How is everyone this fine evening?

It's currently Below freezing. Crazy.

Despite it's coldness (Car dashboard read -4.5 degrees this morning), today has shaped out to be a pretty awesome day!


We just chilled out in the Hot Bar again, it rocks.

Talk was dominated by one subject: Helen's engagement to her fiance, TJ.

Personally? Ehhh... I'm not sure about it, they've only known eachother for 3 months, and her parent's don't approve?

Her solution?

Change her relationship status from "Engaged" to "In a relationship".

Oh, sorry, looking at her facebook (Yes, i'm a secret facebook stalker) I see that TJ is spelt Tjay. Hmmm... original?

Googled Tjay... got a buff, camp black man.

Lauren say WHAT now?

Yeah, anyways, she's told her parents that she isn't engaged to him. But she is. But they don't know that. And changing her facebook relationship status will keep this secret.

Yeah, the engagement is as secret as these two guys are sly.

Oh, and she's moving in with him. Awesome! 

Emm... congrats?

Someone asked if she was pregnant yet.
SARA: She will be if she's not careful! ....... Wait, not like that...
ME: That's usually how most babies are conceived.
Derren Brown was the other major discussion of the day. 

He was on last night, everyone said he was really good! But I never watched it, so you'll have to take their words for it.


Lots of Fourth years piled into our classroom, which confused me, Lee, Ashleigh and Jo, we spent a good five minutes wandering up and down the corridor looking for our new class.

Turns out we were in Mrs Fulton's room, which is really nice. You can tell she's a sweet person by the amount of Disney posters on her table.

She's one of the funniest teachers in school and also one of the best (by far, not that it's difficult to beat) so yeah, I'm psyched that we have her. No way we'd pass if we still had Ms Alba. 

Speaking of Ms Alba, I told Ashleigh that if I saw her, I was going to shove her down a man hole, make sure she's stuck for a good two weeks (As she was rumoured to have done the last time she was off) and invite Mrs Fulton to kick her in the head.

She deserves some sort of "revenge" after getting stuck with all of Ms Alba's classes. Poor toot.

Anyways, we actually learned! We got handed out booklets (Majourly helpful booklets for once!) and she was talking us through Critical essays.
MRS FULTON: This booklet explains everything. All you have to do is remember it, it's like maths, you know the formulae, you just have to know how to apply it. I used to remember f(x) and f'(x) but then the exam would ask "It takes John three hours to get to Timbuktu. It takes John a further eight hours to get to New Zealand. How long would it take for John to get to Iceland?" How am I meant to know?!!
Awwwwk bless.

This girl that's helping out with Grease came into the classroom too, just to leave after realising she got the wrong class.
BILLY: She's helping out with Grease. I've got her pen stick in my pocket.
MRS FULTON: I bet you do.
Megan complains about the amount of attention Grease is getting
 MRS FULTON: What? As in the show Grease? Oh, I thought that you were talking about Greece, the country!
Got told to look after Ashleigh's purse as well.
ASHLEIGH: There's more money in that purse than your life's worth!!
Thaaaaaaanks hun.


Mr Hughes was in a weird mood AGAIN today. And I swear his voice has changed.

Maybe that's just me...

We didn't even get to talk much today.

Although, Calum informed me that Prom is still going ahead, for both 5th and 6th years, but seriously can't be assed!

Ms Hay is going to do it, as Ms Alba has completely ditched us!

Told them about my printer failure last night, oooooh my. 

It was being naughty

Like this. But sexier.

I was trying to print my english essay and (asides from printing it SQUINT) it kept making these types of noises:


Was scary. Was away to jump in and give it mouth to... uh... printer drive.

So I open it's paper tray and reach inside... 

I pull out this COMPLETELY DESTROYED bit of paper. Just about threw it through the window.

Sophie yawned and did a dinosaur move. It rocked. 
SOPHIE: *yawning* RAAAAAAAAWRRR. *stops yawning* I was being a dinosaur.

Yeah, I'm hardly at school to learn, am I!?

Was actually doing some "work" though. Put photos onto the school computer for Design project.

Oh! And before I forget, the turd muffin has made it's return. Now tastier than ever.

Laura almost asked the Dinner lady for a turd muffin. She got freaked out and just pointed to them. Oh Laura.

OH! Brandon got his hair... emmm... done. It's really nice!

He does look like a Pineapple with it though.

Haha, Laura and Sam were raking in the Study room. They found Mrs Clooney's box of goodies.

And they came across her "plan of action"

7.20am - Downstairs.

7.20am - 7.35am - Breakfast.

And not a minute more!

Me and Sam started saying "Na na na niiiiiiii!" to eachother. She's such a cutie.

Laura said that Sam sounded like an old granny trying to say "Na na ni"

Awwwww, Pappy Dappy.

And we were listening to this weird french CD... it was a french man singing "You can leave your hat on."

Michelle started stripping.

Moving on.


You know what I mean when I say Chuppa Chups? Right?


Kelly didn't.

So I told Liam to google Chuppa Chups.

What does he type into google images?

Chub a chubs.

Speaking of Liam, he needed feathers for his mask and had to print photos from the internet... I asked him why he didn't use real feathers, he said he didn't know where to get them.
AARON: You could just pluck a chicken.

Went to see "It's kind of a funny story." 

Okay, so I went into this movie blind, me and Halle had heard of it, but the only description we've ever read over the plot of it was a seven lined description in the Cinema's foyer. I knew that Zach Galifianakis was in it, so I guessed that it was a comedy.

During the first ten minutes, I quickly realised that this particular film was hard to categorize.

I mean, the first scene is of the main character, Craig, attempting to commit suicide by jumping off of a bridge. It's not dark, actually, the film makers manage to inject some comedy into that scene. But it's kind of an... uplifting film? It's not a dark comedy though. It's a mix between a drama and a comedy.

I wasn't sure of the film in the first 20 minutes of it. It was slow paced and Craig (played by Keir Gilichrist) annoyed me. His character just didn't feel "real" enough. He was either upbeat or wanting to kill himself. You don't really see him depressed. Flaw of script? Perhaps.

It got into the swing of things eventually though, and it was actually a pretty decent film. There's only three things that I would have done differently if I were in the director's shoes:

One: Give Emma Roberts more screen time. Her character, Noelle, was fascinating to watch and she's proved that she has real potential to become a serious actress. Craig and Noelle's chemistry was amazing, so as said, i can't understand why her character wasn't more involved in the plot.

Two: Put some sort of background music on a few of the scenes. The cinema was painfully quiet during the scene where Craig meets Zach's character, Bobby, for the first time in the hospital. It was fairly comic but audience members felt too self conscious to laugh at it. You don't realise there's music in the background in the big budget films but you fairly miss it when it's gone.

Three: Again, my issue lies with Noelle. I can't understand why the writers of the film have neglected this character! I'd go to say that along with Bobby, she's the most interesting character in the film. She's a self harmer but the audience never get to find out her history. For all we know, she could have been molested by Bobby at the same zoo where he tried raping a penguin (Long story, watch film to understand) but no-one can know for sure. She asks Craig why he hasn't asked her why she self-harms yet, to which he replies "I just figured that you would tell me in your own time" (a luxury that was not offered to Bobby, seriously, Craig asks him what he's in for about five times). So you never find out why Noelle has three large scars on her right cheek. Boo. 

The film itself is like most films set on psychiatric wards, only "It's kind of a funny story" is focused more on creating humour than trying to portray realistic characters with realistic problems. Not that it's a bad film, but compare it to "One Flew over the cuckoo's nest" and you will be disappointed. It's not designed to make you really think, if anything, it was made to make you laugh and learn how to respect life. Go in expecting that and you'll come out happy.

Acting from Zach Galifianakis was suprisingly good. The man has real comedic timing and has showed that he can act well! Smart move by him, to become part of a movie like this, that allows him to show off his acting skills whilst still giving the audience what they want: Humour. This role may be the only thing that prevents him from being forced to act in comedy after comedy. As said, smart move.

Story was fairly predictable. Predictable isn't always bad. It's not in this case. As said, it's no "One flew over the cuckoo's nest". What else can you say?

Got home and watched Paramore: The last word on MTV. Almost made me cry (cause I'm a freak like that). Hayley just looked so sad at the end when she told us that they haven't spoken to Zac and Josh since they've posted that awful blog... Poor things.

Joined some website so I could talk to Carson live after that. They laughed at my name... thanks guys! (Penguingonemad, not Lauren!)

Then they remembered that I was from Aberdeen, so they are ALL forgiven!

So, I've had a GREAT day and I shall speak to you all tomorrow!

Lauren xxx