Sunday, January 9, 2011

I have been reunited with my homo!

I live for days like this.

I shouldn't have really went to town today, I have TONNES of pretty damn important prelims and NAB's coming up, but hey, Chloe and Heather are hilarious and I would have regretted not going.

Started off the day arguing with Chloe, she told me that there was a unicorn on her passport and I'm like "What are you on?"

Turns out there IS a unicorn on the passport logo.

Who's idea was that anyways??

Ahhhh. It all makes sense now.

And Heather and Chloe didn't know what a Bongo was. They thought it was a drum.

I'm talking about the animal Bongo, adorable!

Went to Jack Willis first, haven't ever been in that shop before, some nice stuff! But just too expensive. I'll stick to Jane Norman thank you.

Me and Heather went straight to the checks. Finally found a fellow checks junkie.

Chloe was looking through jumpers, Heather was taking them out for her to look at but she couldn't fold them up... Chloe handed the jumper to her to put back and she just walked backwards, away from it. Haha, what a cutie. 

We were also lugging into this girls convo, something about the politics at a camp and how she hated it. Heather just shot me this look. Can't describe it...

She looked like this. But with less facial hair. 
Cut that, NO facial hair.

That store's got a strange design going on. It's got pheasants hanging from ladders.

Dead pheasants. 

And I'm pretty sure they stole Harry Potters trunk.

Heather said that it could be Harry's trunk and Dumbledore might shop here. I told her not to be stupid...

Dumbledore died.

Off to Jane Norman, me and Heather began raving to "Club can't handle me". Cause we're awesome like that.

Went to Frankie and Benny's after that, oh god, it was hilarious.

Turns out that we had a massive fit of the giggles.

So the waiter came over, all smiley and sweet, with our drinks. And you know how you're in the middle of a conversation, and the waiter comes round and you stop what you're saying and only start talking again after the waiter goes away? You know, that really awkward moment?

Well, this awkwardness was prelonged because he very nicely took the time to pour our IRN BRU's. 

So I kind of burst out laughing.

And then Heather kind of burst out laughing.

And then Chloe kind of burst out laughing too...

Ahh man. Poor bloke must have felt so self conscious.

Chloe and Heather told me that they've never been to Yo Sushi.
ME: Awwwww, it's amazing! The Chicken Tsukune...
CHLOE: What?
ME: Chicken balls.
CHLOE: Haha! What part of the chicken do they come from?
ME: I don't know! Their not that big though!
HEATHER: Must not be a big coq.

Of course, the waiter came to us with our pizzas at that point, didn't he? All smiley.
CHLOE: Bless his little Cotton socks.
HEATHER: How do you know he's wearing cotton socks?
Oh dear.

We all ordered the BBQ Chicken pizzas (one of my favourite foods in the whole wide world, I recommend it) and it comes with this knife because it's not cut up. Well...
HEATHER: What's with the knife?
ME: It's so you can cut up your pizza!! What, did you think they gave you a knife so you could go shank a chav or something?!
CHLOE: Why don't they give you a pizza cutter?
ME: Heather didn't even know what a knife was, how was she meant to figure out what a Pizza cutter was?!
I can't remember all the things that we talked about, but we were laughing so hard that it took 45 minutes to eat that pizza.

I told Heather to watch out, because the waiters wait until you've got a mouthful of pizza to ask you "Is everything okay?".

Guess what?

It happened.

Heather caught on early though, she saw him coming and put her pizza on her plate.

And apparently Heather's dog Air humped Chloe's dog.

Like an air hug, but more sexualised. It'll catch on. Air hump. Tell your friends.

The bill came at the end, so we left our waiter a tip and wrote "Hehe :)" on the cheque. Should have seen the waiters face light up when he saw it. Bless.

OH! And there were TWO birthdays today in F&B's!

The F&B's birthday song is hilarious, goes:
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to *Dooo dooooooo* Happy Birthday to you.
And then everyone applauds.

Then someone in the kitchen smashed a plate and everyone in Unison just went "OHHHH!!!". Love those moments.

I was hiding behind a menu too. We had a window seat you see, so I hid behind the menu and slowly pulled it down and stared at someone walking past, then slowly pulled it back up and hid my eyes again.

Haha, poor bloke didn't know what was going on!

That was that then.

Went down to USC and AB10 after that, Sophie was working in USC, she's adorable, seriously. And some boy was working in AB10, Phwoaaaar!

Oh! More raving in Hollister.

And agaaaain in Cult. Wow. Just realised how L and N are so close together on the keyboard and you need to be careful when spelling Cult.

Chloe bought herself a nice Jumper... I wanted that Jumper.

HEATHER wanted that Jumper.

She stole that jumper.

Not from the store, she paid for it, but she stole it from us.

Bumped into Lee, Sam, Hannah and Sam's boyfriend today, n'yaaaw. 

I love bumping into people in town.

So we had a nice chat to them and was off again.

Went to HMV and were looking at posters. We were drooling over Alex...


Then they went away, I spent a good half an hour extra looking for something to buy. Settled on Scott Pilgrim DVD and a poster of old school paramore.

As they shall now be known.
I do this too sometimes.
I like lying on roads.
I'm weird like that.
I'm like Hayley Williams like that.

Came home, realised that Mum and Dad are out and I have no key. Off to Godmother's house.

So we had a nice long chat and here I am!

So... till tomorrow?

Lauren xxx