Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jewish globe

I'm feeling quite artistic today.

Haven't got a clue why, perhaps it's because I watched "Swan lake" this morning?

Yeah. I watched Ballet at 6.30am this morning. FOR RESEARCH! Wanted to know what the Ballet was about for my upcoming viewing of Black Swan. Ashleigh and Lewis said they'd go with me on the day it comes out, hopefully we do go! So psyched.

Today wasn't my day though.

Walked around the corner, and what did I see? Two buses driving past my bus stop. FML.

Not only that, but it was 25 minutes till the next one came!!

And it was cold...

Had a nice chat with Brandon and Scott on the bus though, but turns out that I was late.

Mega late.

AND my group had our Y.P.I presentation today...

But the class weren't in the Science Lecture theatre! I lost my class!! What am I, seven?! But that's the story in Balamory, that's what happened.

So ended up sitting in Reception, felt SO sick. Thought I was going to be sick and go home.

Turns out I get all mellowed out when I'm Ill. It's cause I get easily tired and I end up speaking a load of rubbish.

More so than usual.

Bad news for Mairi, she's a sweet girly, felt bad that she had to put up with all my mutterings.

Turns out we were on third floor. Would have been last placed I looked. Didn't think that the whole of 5th year would end up fitting in one room. I stand corrected.

So Mrs Anderson is gunning for me, probably thinks that I was skivving. I'm not that type of girl.

Turns out we're rusty at Biology... big shock there...

Have SO much homework to do, so sorry, this is now going to be a quick summary.

Kelly cut her globe in half today. Not before she started singing "I've got the whole world in my hands" and asking me how cool it would be if when we threw the globe, the whole world would lose it's gravity for a moment. She's adorable.

KELLY: What do you call the place up at the top of the world? The cold place?
ME: The North Pole?!
KELLY: Yeah!
Still not far enough with my design project. It's starting to annoy me. I can't keep on top of all my highers and I can feel myself being one fight away from a nervous breakdown...

Gaaah. I'm so sorry. I just can't be bothered. Not in the best of moods... Humanity and it's lack of concern for anyone other than themselves is getting me down. I get depressed quite easily like that. ANYTHING starts me off. 

I'll cheer up. Don't worry. Just need to sleep.

Sorry again.

Lauren xxx

P.S. Ashleigh and Liam are buying a kitten called Kodak. Kodak the kitten. So if you hear a short girl screaming "She wants to see your pussy!!" You'll know it's just Ashleigh. 

P.P.S I have a NAB tomorrow for English and I'm so not ready. Away to cry. LOL, just kidding, I'm away to sleep.