Saturday, January 22, 2011

Get outta my sight!

Some people really just annoy me...

More on that later.

Got to school on time, yes, I managed to catch a bus!

Not only that, I got to Torry on time too!! 



Not much done like... Basically just learning some 1st year maths!

Did some work on Correlation. And relationships of correlation.
SARA: Is it just me or do you see two M&M's when you hear "Correlation relationship"?
It wasn't just her... I thought of two M&M's doing a slow mo run to eachother.

Well... The lady M&M is a bit of a slut.

Sat beside Sam on the bus back, she's too cute. We started talking about Jimmy Cheungs. Now I REALLY want to go.

So, yes, we were craving Jimmy Cheungs at 9.30am.



Ahhh wow, Mrs Fulton could have been a comedienne if the teaching career went pearshaped.

We were having a discussion about this short story called "A hanging".
MRS FULTON: What's ironic about the prison guard telling us that the prisoner was "very troublesome"?
MEGAN: He's away to be killed...
MRS FULTON: Precisely! But no, he was being very troublesome and refusing to die, You just can't get the prisoners these days... 
 Then we went on to comment on the prisoner calling out "RAM! RAM! RAM!"
MRS FULTON: I remember when I went to the hospital to visit my Gran, it was just before she died and she was in this subconscious state, and all she said was "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" over and over... I wouldn't have minded but she wasn't even religious. It was kind of like me at the dentist on Tuesday. "Pass me a bigger pair of pliers." "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god."
Onto Orwell saying "his god" later follwed by "God" to show lack of respect to his God compared to our own.
MRS FULTON: It's like mall Santa's... "We've got the real one!"
Ahhh man, she's hilarious. And a great teacher. If anyone deserves a raise, it's Mrs Fulton.


Dougal was off... again!

It's okay though, Calum and Sophie kept me company! Love those two!

Sophie was telling me about her art project idea.
SOPHIE: I'm thinking of drawing dummies (or Pacifiers to American readers). Lots of them, repeated all over a page, then having a larger one over the top of them, to symbolise youth and childhood. Then I think I'll get some After eight wrappers and use them to fill it in, the clock symbolising adulthood and the ticking away of childhood. *She looks very proud with herself after that explanation*.
I was loving this idea, immensely.

She told me to look for the AH stuff and try to find her folder... forgot to do that... oops!

Lunch was pretty funny, we were talking about tattoos.
LAURA: I'd like to get one on my back.
CLAIRE: There are sorer places to get one...
She realises what she just said. Me and Jennifer shoot this look to eachother.
LAURA: Like your bum? But that's pretty padded.
ME: But you can't put pressure on it for a while! You wouldn't be able to sit down for a while! Besides there are worse places to get one...
Also, some chavvy third years came and sat down... they spat on the table. SPAT ON THE TABLE!


And one of them burst their McDonald's balloon and everyone jumped... sounded too similar to a gunshot :(

Halle came to see us! Bless! 

She needed to get some teacher signatures to "officially" leave school.

She went to Mrs Fulton and well... she was a little tied up.

Not like that.

Some kid was taking a strop. She told him something... he didn't like that something, and proceeded in kicking a wall and kicking a chair... across the classroom.


Mrs Fulton then kind of ran out of the room.

Well. The kid was on a rampage. What would you do?!

First time I have ever seen her run.

Made me smile ^_^

Halle got her signature from her (Eventually) and told her that she was going to try to go to the police cadets.
MRS FULTON: Well, don't give me a speeding ticket then! Just wave me on my way!
What a woman.

Had a interview with Mr Whyte as well cause I took 5 highers.

Gah. Here's where my blog title comes in.

The tone he used with me. Did NOT like it.
MR WHYTE: Rank your subjects in order of what you're most confident in.
ME: Uhhh... Art.
MR WHYTE: Why are you most confident with art?
ME: Because... I think I'm doing well...
MR WHYTE: So you haven't been given any feedback?
ME: ... He told me that my work was nice... We haven't done much on writing... But we're doing that leading up to the prelim.
It just kind of got worse...
MR WHYTE: Have you sat any NAB's for Psychology then?
ME: Yeah, I failed it.
MR WHYTE (Angrily): WHY?
ME (perhaps a little bit too angrily back): Because the last question was on Resisting social pressures and resisitng social influences and i went for one when it was the other. That question was worth 12 marks and the NAB was only out of 20.
Not that I needed to explain that to him... you know... he doesn't give a damn if pupils who do four Int 2's or four Highers fail a NAB. It's only because he want's to brag and say that 19 pupils got 5 Highers in his school. I really dislike that.
MR WHYTE: So your least confident in English? Why?
ME: Ms Alba.
ME: Because we haven't had a teacher in two terms (I think I pulled my DUH face here)
MR WHYTE: And who do you have now?
ME: Mrs Fulton, and she's really good...
MR WHYTE: That's why I arranged her to cover your class.
 Oh what a hero.
MR WHYTE: She's meant to be helping you all catch up, is that not happening?
ME: It is!
My inner voice was screaming "BUT SHE'S NOT A MIRACLE WORKER!!"

Going back to see him after prelims. That will be a fun conversation.

He didn't pull out the facts and figures with me, consider him lucky!


Haha, I was sitting under a table.

For the whole period.

Kelly was told to look in the cupboard under the sink for 4th year prelims.

So I was helping her hold them all.

All of the 3rd year self portraits were hilarious! Especially this one girl, who drew a very good self portrait, but gave herself a maaaahoosive nose.
ME: Who's that self portrait of Bev?
BEV: I don't know....
KELLY: She's a whore.
BEV: Lauren?

Kelly handed me Aiden's drawing 

KELLY: Hold Aiden's jugs.

Went to see Black Swan at night. My review for it is on this blog, if you want to read it. 

Was meant to see it with Michelle and Jennifer, but Michelle was still tired.

Still tired?!

This was at twenty past four! She just woke up! And she was still tired?!

Ahhh well. I'll probably have to go with her later on this week or something, but it's a great movie so no problems there.

Notes on the movie:

Mirrors are everywhere. This is because Aronofsky wants you to see that Ballet and Ballerina's are obsessed with their image and that Nina is obsessed with perfection and scrutinises her every move. 

Notice how Leroy's place is completely monochromatic? This is because he is meant to represent the Prince in the story, you know the one that Nina is talking about 
"I had the craziest dream last night, about a girl who was turned into a swan, but her prince falls for the wrong girl and she kills herself"
The prince in the Black swan loves the white swan (who is represented by Nina) but is tracked by the white swans sensual twin, the black swan (represented by Lily). The white swan, so distraught by his betrayal ends up killing herself and finds freedom in death. So that's why Leroy's place is all black and white, to represent the conflict between the black and white swan.

There is a Rorschach test on the wall, interesting as that's black and white too but also a common tool in psychological treatments, Free association, say what you see. Hints at Nina's psychological breakdown.

Leroy means King in French, so again, this plays into Nina's role as Swan Queen and how she sees her teacher, Leroy, as her Prince or King.

Possible spoiler, I don't know, I'll make you highlight it to read it anyways: 
Nina is a schizophrenic, that is, she sees and hears things that are not there. This is displayed, most vividly, when she rips all of the pictures of herself from her Mothers' wall after the start speaking to her. Schizophrenia is when you lose touch with reality... I'd say this matches Nina perfectly.

Nina means "Grace" and is one of the names of Columbuses ships, along with "Ballerina". Just throwing that in.

Nina is a perfectionist, and much like Mickey in Aronofsky's previous film, "The Wrestler", she pushes her body (both Mentally and phsyically) to the max for her art. She tries to become perfect by becoming her character, her schizophrenia makes her believe that she is her character, shown by her turning into a swan and pulling feathers out of scars. Just remember that when watching the film.

The film fades out to white. The White Swan has prevailed in the end. Because we all know that movies usually fade out to white.

Hopefully that has given you some insight into the film!

Lauren xxx