Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mooooooood swing.

Is it just me or does anyone else go from :( to :D in the space of a couple of hours?

Maybe it's just the awesomeness of my friends, because friends are 100% more effective than anti-depressants.

Mmmm hmm. Scientifically proven. If you call me a scientist. I study Higher Human Biology... so technically... I am.

Anyways, was feeling a little bit like I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, so much work has been piled on me in so little time, Haven't got a job, running out of money, don't know what to do with my life and a minor other thing that I will talk about in the near future, you know, the usual.

So went on the bus with a face like this >_<

Linzie thought that Sara called me an elf, she didn't, she called me L, it's her nickname for me.


I've been using the girls P.E changing room for 5 years now... OVER 5 years. Jeezo. I feel old...

Anyways, I've been using the Girls P.E. changing room for over 5 years and I've only noticed that the shower room looks EXACTLY like the set for Saw... creepy.
MEGAN: Let's do it.
ME: Do what?!
She was speaking about shooting a horror movie... wouldn't have got that.

Yeah, it was only because the second changing room was locked, so half of the 5th year girls were shoved into one room, kind of awkward, felt like I was doing a strip tease...

Yeah, felt like a bunny. Not playboy bunnies...
These ones.

So we kind of all just sat there, conformity really has strong powers, most people began to undress and stopped mid action when they realised no-one else was. So nine people had no shoes on, but otherwise, were fully dressed. It's not like someone was sitting in their underwear.

Eventually, we got out. To sit in fitness and do...


We had a chat about confusing boys toilets for girls ones...

I'm no expert but I'm thinking that that Boys toilet is on the left...

... Have no clue there.

I think this toilet sells pie.

Yeah, we have strange conversations.


Drawing more doodle roses for my Perfume packaging. Not looking too bad in all honesty!

Realised Kelly's globe fascinator looks like an angry jellyfish. Just in concept drawing stage though, it'll look pretty epic when it's done.


Today was D-day... our first NAB for English.

Could have went worse in all honesty. However, Mrs Fulton was off ill, so we had some sub filling in for her. Should have seen her flap about when we didn't have questions. N'yaaaw.

As said, could have gone worse.

We got to leave after we finished, so I got a long lunch. Brilliant!

Sat speaking to Lee and Ashleigh for a good fifteen minutes, was a good laugh, but was getting told about prom...

You're NOT allowed to go as a gay couple.
You're going to be checked for Booze, so watch out boys, your sporran is going to be frisked.
You are not allowed to buy a hotel room for an *ahem* afterparty. Or an actual afterparty.
You are not allowed to buy booze from the bar. Even if you are over 18.
And, this one is RICH, if you are taking someone from another school, they need a background check to get in... A background check?! WTF? They are a teenager trying to get into a prom, not a murderer trying to work with kids. Get a life!

Soooo, gay rights will probably be in my next blog. If I can find time that is. 
ASHLEIGH: Yeah, so Lesbian couples aren't allowed in and their checking bags and sporrans for drink...
LEE: But I'm sure you could easily find somewhere to sneak them in...
ME: Lesbians?!
Yeah, turns out she was talking about the booze.

Carried on this talk at lunchtime, so now, me, Megan and Ashleigh are going as a threesome (hereby finding a loophole as they only said that Lesbian couples weren't allowed, they said nothing about lesbian threesomes. Ahhhhh intended anarchy. How I love you.) and we're going dressed in Lady Gaga costumes. I'm wearing the meat dress. Because lets face it, the food at the prom is going to be dire and we all love bacon.

Apart from vegetarians.
And vegans.
And Koshers.
And people who don't love bacon.

So... maybe I'll make a vegetarian one?

Cause we all remember how well that went.


Dr Robertson said "Dude."

It was a momentous occasion.

Not much else happened today and I REALLY need to get started on this pile of homework! Shall try to find time to preach gay rights to you... If not, will try again tomorrow!

OH! And I'm getting tickets to see Lee Evans!! WOOO HOO!!

And I'm going to see "The King's speech" this Friday! WOO HOO!

And I'm going to see "Black Swan" on the day it comes out! WOO HOOOOO!!

Yeah. 2011 kinda rocks.

Lauren xxx

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