Saturday, January 15, 2011

Falling asleep on the couch. Part of my weekly routine

Straight to it?


First time I got to school early enough to catch the bus to Torry in... I can't remember the last time I got to school early enough to catch the bus to Torry.

Sara missed the bus, but I spent the journey to Torry talking to Leoni and Sam, they are freaking adorable! Leoni died her hair, looks really nice but I didn't even recognize her when I saw her the first time. Neither did her Boyfriend, so I didn't feel so bad!

Dod let us have the period (well... by the time we got in and settled, 20 minutes) to revise for our upcoming NAB.

Queue me and Lucas chatting about Simpson's/South Park/Family guy.

And me forgetting my password and username to ANYTHING school related. 

How convenient?


We were MEANT to have prepared an essay plan for second period and write an essay during it... well...

Mrs Fulton is off (She fell on the ice and badly hurt her back, she's now in hospital and makes our third English teacher that has taken time off whilst teaching us) so we had Ms Shaw.

Turns out that only three or four people actually did a plan. Ms Shaw told us to wake up and smell the coffee. Fair enough, it's a month till our first English prelim and we've yet to do anything of use in English.

Megan said that it was a waste of time because no-one knows how we're meant to write an essay. So Ms Shaw spends a good ten/fifteen minutes explaining to us all how to write an essay, then she tells us all that we should be doing four hours of self study per week for English! Eeeeek. She then goes over to Megan and sits down.
MS SHAW: You need to be doing work in your own time to pass this course!
MEGAN: So you're wanting me to self teach myself Higher English? Nit.
MS SHAW: You can pass self teaching yourself Higher English. You'd just be able to scrape a C but it's still a pass. And you need to seriously consider whether or not you're doing Higher or Int 2 (referring to use of "Nit.")
MEGAN: I don't see why I should bother teaching myself if no-one is teaching me in school.
She had a point. We've basically had NO teacher.
MEGAN: Stop nagging me! It's not your job to nag me!
MS SHAW: No, but I'm not the kind of teacher to annotate a poem with you for ten minutes and then leave you on your own!!
MEGAN: Nag someone else! I'm the only one that's done a plan and you're still nagging me?!
This carried on. For FIVE MINUTES. 

In the end, we were all saved by the bell.

Thank god.

Turns out that Megan made Ms Shaw cry. Poor thing. Although, I could see where both sides were coming from. Why should we spend four hours per week to teach ourselves a course when Mr Whyte won't get another English teacher? Then again, why wouldn't we want to pass this course? I don't know about anyone else, but I don't want to re-sit this exam.

Someone heard Mrs Murray screaming at Megan. She did scream at a teacher and made her cry though... got to admire her for having the balls to do so I suppose?

I bought a muffin at break. 

I thought it smelt like Butterscoth angel delight.

Megan thought it smelt like buttery pee.

... I've never smelt buttery pee so I couldn't possibly comment on that.


Gaaaah. Took forever

It's maths... it was boring.

Mr Hughes told this TERRIBLE joke.
MR HUGHES: There was this guy who was getting chased down the street by a coffin. He was running and running and he looked behind him and this coffin was still chasing him. So he got home and he locked the door and sighed in relief. Then the coffin was barging down the door, so he ran to the toilet, blocking the door. He was covered in sweat and then he heard the coffin trying to break in. He took some medicine and the coffin was gone.
Coffin/coughing. Get it?

We have to put up with this five hours a week.


I had one of "those" conversations with Kelly.
ME: You've bee stirring it, haven't you? (In reference to something that isn't really any of your business ;D Sorry guys!)
KELLY: What? The purple soup?
ME: Yes! The purple soup... and you know what the purple soup is... ? ;)
KELLY: Green?
Heard it here first. The purple soup is green.

Not much else happened. It's always quiet on Fridays, hardly anyone shows up!!

Mrs Rankin appeared. After she left, someone said 
"You know the only reason that she's here is because of Mr Tullock"
Y'ouch! Yet another reference to her alleged affair. 

Went to see The King's speech with Lewis and Abie.

Took me a whiley to get into it! Colin Firth was amazing in it though, Tom Hooper's direction was great, love how distance is created, physically, between  Lionel and "Bertie" and then, they began getting closer and closer together, both phsyically and emotionally as the film progressed. The shots complimented this, starting off with having HUGE spaces of screen in which Bertie was shown by the very edge of it, then, by the end, it was close up on his facial features. Genius. Don't know if anyone else thought that the scenes looked like paintings? 

I swear I've seen that background before.

Either way, good film! Just a little bit slow at the start. And there was NO-ONE under thirty apart from us there... So that was a bit akward. They laughed at things that were not laugh out loud material.

Went to Pizza Hut after that, it was fine! Got into a long discussion about going on holiday and stuff like that, love those two!

Fell asleep on the couch though. It's NOT comfy. Woke up at 4.36am. Suprisingly, the T.V. wasn't on.
"...Fall asleep on the couch, wake up early to black and white re-runs..."
That usually happens to me. Either black and white movies are on or it's a Christmas movie that is out of season.

Seriously, I woke up watching something about Santa... in October.

Lauren xxx