Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Cougar town fans unite!

Cougar town is the only TV show that can make me LOL constantly for a half hour!

So, what better way could I start off the day than with a double episode?

Got on the bus and started referencing the show, me and Ashleigh are now shouting "AYYYYY!!! WASABI!" whenever someone we like enters the room!


Kelly was pretty upset. Poor thing :(

Michelle almost killed herself on a rowing machine... she was standing on the seat and pretending that she was on a skateboard.

Next to the balcony.


Awww, the posters in P.E. look like Madonna and David Hasslehoff!!


Kelly stuck some feathers in her globe. It's looking epic.

Me and Ashleigh tried "Cougar Town" style murder/suicide.

It failed, I went Left, she went right and she ended up headbutting me in the temple.

Think I have concussion.


Stared at a bit of paper for two hours.

And spoke to Lee.


Revising, boring!

Today was quite boring in all honesty. 

Lauren xxx