Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chocolate druggie

I am addicted to chocolate... badly addicted.

Yes. I had chocolate for breakfast.

Alright, I had chocolate after I had flakes. But I still had chocolate for Breakfast.

In fact, I melted it on a spoon. In front of a radiator. 

The spoon made me feel like a heroin addict.


Not woo. So not woo.

Especially seen as I was alternating between feeling like a stoned zombie and a kid in a candy shop.


STATUS: Bored kid in a candy shop.

It was just a study period.

And an excuse for Mrs Anderson to once again pry into our day to day life. 
MRS ANDERSON: Jamie, how did it go with your College interview last week?
JAMIE: ... A'righ.
MRS ANDERSON: ... Was it a group interview?
MRS ANDERSON: Did it go well?
JAMIE: A'righ.
MRS ANDERSON: Can you remember what you applied for?!
JAMIE: ... No.
The class laughs. He wasn't joking.
MRS ANDERSON: ... *has a "Dare I ask?" face on* Did they offer you a place?
That's a surprise!! 

She was reading out some of the notices too, asking if anyone wanted to be a Doctor.

They did.

And that person was Linzie.

She's always going on about wanting to be "Dr Gilchrist".

She didn't put her hand up though. That could have costed her a degree in medicine.

Sitting beside Lauren and she randomly nudges me in the arm and shows me her phone. Shows me a random picture of Bieber.

Save the Panda's.



Talking about boobs. Nothing new here.

Got a new nickname at Break. Me and Kelly were trying to text upside down!

Kelly tried to type "Jellyfish" but typed "Lejjyfish" instead.
And I tried to type "Strudle" but typed "Strudlf" instead.

Crime fighting duo Lejjyfish and strudlf? Think so!

Sophie got a HUGE valentine's day card and the girls at their table all got helium filled balloons.

Ooh... So tempted to type "Helium filled boobs" there....

Was so cute!


Discussing baby names (randomly)
KATI: I've got my baby names figured out already, Erin September, Mona Violet and Aurora Liberty Brooke.
Kelly just shot me a look.
KELLY: Do you want your kids to get bullied?!
I misheard her and thought that she was going to name her child "Parma Violet."

Nickname for life?
I think so.

Sophie and Chris were sucking Helium at lunch, would have been hilarious if I could hear them over the music of the school radio and the racket of little kids shouting.

Ashleigh randomly licked the rim of her IRN BRU bottle. Very seductively.


Last double maths before the prelims! EEK!

And how did we spend it?
CALUM: Mrs Haggerty looks like she needs a good night out on the town. You can see her bleezo.
Mrs Haggerty is the strict school librarian. I'm sure she could spell alcohol.... but I don't know if she could describe the taste.

Not a likely sight to see.
ME: I'm more likely to win the lottery than pass this prelim.
CALUM: Or see Mrs Haggarty out on the town?
Ahhhh good times :)

Lauren xxx