Monday, February 21, 2011

Movies Movies Movies

I haven't really done much other than watch a few movies lately, the weather has been pretty bad so I've been forced ( well not ACTUALLY forced ) to spend some quality time with my DVD player.

You Only Live Twice - This is my favorite James Bond film starring Sean Connery, Interestingly ( or perhaps not, I'll let you decide ) my favorite Bond film starring Roger Moore is The Spy Who Loved Me which had the same director and a very similar storyline.

The Day the Earth Stood Still ( 2008 ) - The original version of The Day the Earth Stood Still is a classic movie and a favorite of mine, as a rule I'm someone who gets very frustrated by the constant stream of remakes coming out of Hollywood and the announcement of this particular remake wasn't something I was pleased to hear about, add to that the casting of Keanu Reeves as Klaatu and I was sure the movie would be a disaster,

Now that I've actually seen the movie I can say it didn't suck, it wasn't great but it didn't suck, I remember reading a review somewhere, the reviewers name and where the review appeared escapes me but he wrote that he thought this movie should've been reworked as a sequel to the original film as he felt it would be interesting to have Klaatu return to Earth to discover humanity hadn't learned from it's mistakes and took matters into his own hands and I'm inclined to agree, I think that would've been a more interesting movie.

Flight of the Navigator - I picked this up on DVD a little while back while I was in the supermarket picking up some essential grocery items, bread milk and a movie, I guess I hadn't seen the movie in at least 20 years and I'd only ever seen it on VHS so I grabbed a copy, while in some respects it hadn't aged well I still had fun seeing it again, I've heard rumors of a remake, I think a sequel might be more interesting, in fact while I was watching the movie I found I actually wanted to know what would've happened next and that rarely happens to me anymore.

I've also recently seen some fun Asian films such as Wheels on Meals, Eastern Condors and the extremely over-rated Project A starring Jackie Chan, Project A has this reputation as being an amazing action movie but I found the first third of the movie very dull and boring, thankfully just when I was ready to give up on the movie it did finally get mildly interesting but it in my opinion just doesn't come close to deserving it's reputation.

Although it wasn't deliberate all of those movies featured at least two of The Three Dragons: Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao and Jackie Chan.