Friday, February 18, 2011

And that's why you shouldn't give me a straw in a public space.

Hey guys and gals.

So, first part of today was horrible to say the least.

Fall-out from yesterday's epic Maths fail happened. Mum telling me that she should have trusted her gut and never let me go to that school, telling me to get prospectuses to college, saying that the money and time we spent for Charles (my Maths tutor) was all a waste of time... you know, things that made me feel like a huge disappointment of a human being.

I tried my best. As long as I don't get kicked off of the course, I'll find some form of solace in that.

Good thing? Went out with Halle and Ross at night!

Ross picked me up in his car (cause he passed his driving test! What up?) and then we went to pick up Halle.

Apparantly, adding "ness" to the end of words makes it sound cooler.

As long as you don't say "Pee", you're fine.

So, parked in the multi-storey carpark (first time Ross has ever done that alone) and headed off to the cinema.

We saw "Paul". Great movie. Can't really be bothered to review tonight, might do it tomorrow. I recommend it though!

Half-way through the film, Ross took the straw from out of his Fanta Frozen and started blowing me.

So I took the straw out of my fanta frozen and blew him back.

Mwahaha. Vengeance.

The film itself got some pretty epic reactions, the guys in front of us were actually applauding certain scenes.

One of the reasons that I love the cinema is the audience reactions, to hear people with distinguishable laughs laughing at a funny scene?

I live for those moments. I end up laughing at their laughs more than the actual scene.

Came out of the cinema and Ross met up with Jan, who needed to go and fill up her water tank in her car (Or... Whatever the technical term is for that...)

So, we went with them to the petrol station... and witnessed Ross rocking their car up and down, attempting to get the bonnet open.

Who needs Hydraulics when you have Ross?

I really needed the day out, so thanks guys!

Lauren xxx