Saturday, February 5, 2011


Remembered my bag yesterday! Achievement.

Friday was an awesome day, let's get to it!

Was speaking to Brandon on the bus to school, he had his bass, which he hates with a passion.

Technically, it's the School's bass, and Mr Campbell's. 

He was warned:
MR CAMPBELL: If you don't take that Bass back tomorrow, I'm charging you £20.
The bass cost £20.

Yeah. Our school is poor.

It was held together at the strings with yarn.


And half of the guitars in the music department have broken strings.

Most likely caused by Miley Cyrus copycats.
Or chavs.

His plan was to break the bass in half, hey, Mr Campbell never specified that it should be returned in one piece.


It was Scott's birthday! 

We were also debating about what was on Dod's (our Psychology teacher) tie. 

I said it was Hot dogs.
Leoni thought it was beavers.
SCOTT: Dod, before we start today's lesson, could you tell us what is on your tie?
DOD: *looks at tie* It's duck billed platypuses.
... Would have never got that.


Did an essay. Less of fail than last week, bigger fail than day before.


I asked Dougal how bald men clean their hai... scalp.

It reflects light so beautifully.

He said they did so with a dishcloth. I believed him. 

Turns out he didn't know either. Leading me on like that?


Lunch was so awesome, we ordered a dominos pizza.

Well, attempted to.
SAM: Can I get a pizza delivered to Kincorth Academy? Yes. Kincorth Academy. A-CAD-EM-Y. Yes. Outside the siwimming pool? There is a swimming pool on the side of the school...
MAN ON OTHER END OF PHONE: Oh.... I need to get someone else.
SAM: Can I get a pizza delivered to Kincorth Academy? Outside the swimming pool? Yes. There is a swimming pool at the side of the school. Okay. Can I have a large. Plain. Pizza please with a box. Of. Chicken. Strippers. And a box. Of. Potatooeeeee. Wedges.
I'm trying not to burst out laughing at how slowly Sam is speaking
SAM: And can I get a large. BBQ. Americano please. With TWO. Boxes. Of cookies. That okay? Half an hour? Yes, okay, thank you! OH! Can you send a Domino's car so we know that it's you?
DOMINO's EMPLOYEE: Yes. We will send a Domino's car.

Then Abie grabbed the mobile and phoned Rachel.
ABIE: *In accent* Hello? Rachel Pratt? Hello, Rachel Pratt? HELLOOOOOO Rachel Pratt?! Is this Rachel Pratt? Did you order pizza?! RACHEL PRATT YOU CRAZY BITCH! 
Haha, I love Abie. 

So, we went at ten past one to collect our long list of goodies and some poor domino's man was standing in the cold. Michelle and Sam started running towards him, haha, poor bloke must have thought he was going to be mugged!

Sam was away to walk away without her change. She was walking away and all you heard was 

It was soooo yummy.


Was kind of boring in all honesty.

Although, they found the scene of the "animal sprinkle sex" crime from Thursday.
LUCAS: What's this? *holds up crudely drawn bed on piece of paper*
LEWIS: Animals had sex on that.
LUCAS: ... *Drops paper in disgust*
LEWIS: Michelle! You know where you're sitting?
LEWIS: Animals had sex there.
Michelle jumps up and onto a table, running away from the scene of the crime.


Wrote an essay.

Well... I say an essay. More like a few lines of drivvle.

After school, I went to the cinema with one of my bestos, Halle, haven't seen her in two weeks, so upset.

Went to see Tangled, you can see my review here.

Was so cute!

Nice to catch up with her ^_^

Bumped into Ashleigh and Liam too, were oggling at superchild.

He was "jumping" on a trampoline and got stuck in mid air... haha, fail!

Lauren xxx