Friday, February 18, 2011


Thing (from)


It feels that way.

The prelim today went so horribly...

Left so many blank spaces, took a minor breakdown in the middle of the exam, almost threw my paper off of the desk in gutted disappointment, one of my friends cried after the prelim and my smartest friend (who is wanting to take Advanced Higher Maths next year as she feels that Maths is her strongest subject) even found it difficult.

So yeah. I think I failed.

In fact, I know I've failed.

Yaaaaaay. My role in society is "geek" and I can't even achieve that.

Upside? Had a lovely catch up with Michelle. It's the only good part of today, I swear.

C'est la vie. I tried my best. But when your best just isn't good enough, no cliché can make you feel better.

Lauren xxx