Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lewis: The amazing story writer.

I love my friends.

Today was really boring though, here it goes.

I was talking to one of my best childhood friends on the bus to school this morning, Jamie.

Since moving up to Secondary school, we've barely spoken to eachother, and that makes me really upset because we were inseparable when we were in Nursery.

Things change I suppose. Doesn't stop the nostalgia.

But, we had a chat on the bus about University, prom, dodgeball and how Ryan gave Lewis a concussion with a single throw. 


No "Get narrow with Garrow" today, in fact, "Garrow" fell asleep.

Kelly put boxing things on her feet and pretended that she was a diver/duck.

I was also staring at the rowing machine in a devilish manner (Read last Friday's post to understand why).


I was just editing my Box for the perfume bottle. Not a lot happened.

Kelly figured out what the "Purple bear with yellow spots" was called.

Tamba from Tikkabilla.


This marked the first time I've ever seen Mrs Fulton shout. She was shouting at Billy and Megan because they didn't do their homework. 

Some poor kid came to the door (Drew, who is a bit of a rebel) and she opens the door and says:
MRS FULTON: That's not how you knock on a door!! HAVE YOU BEEN A GOOD BOY?!
DREW: *quietly* Yes.
We all snuck away quietly by the end of the period.

Nothing was said, so it's all good.

Lewis started making up a story about a certain two people. 

He's going to be the next J.K. Rowling.

But in male form.

And not depressed.

And his characters are going to get laid, not killed.
So... I suppose he's not like
J.K. Rowling at all.


Again, just working! I realise I need to revise now. Buckle down and stuff like that, yah know?

Went home and had my usual hour long conversation with Chloe.

Lauren xxx

P.S. I wasn't aware that you're not supposed to put washing up liquid inside your car's window washer fluid reservoir.