Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cons of Fame.

If me and Kristina ever make a band (watch this space), that's gonna be our name.

Cons of fame. Sounds AWESOME!

Ahhh man. So tired. Was up till 2am again, I swear I'm turning nocturnal.

Sup my homie?

Had to get up at 6am again too, went into school willingly.

Holy green screen Batman!

Was attempting to finish design today...

*starts laughing hysterically*

Yeah. That didn't happen.

But had a LOVELY chat with Kristina.

Until Mr Shaw came in and ruined the mood.
MR SHAW: Kristina, what happened in the exam?!
KRISTINA: I don't want to know!
MR SHAW: You don't, It might put you off your weekend. 
Geography people were eating radioactive waste.

Radioactive waste on a sponge actually/

 Edible sponge. And Edible Radioactive waste in the form of icing.

Still. Icing is not meant to be that colour of yellow.

Whap oot the Sunglasses boys.

Oh, and watching TV on mute is hilarious. Dramatic slow mo looks so cheesy when there's no dramatic music.

Want to go on a photography session soon! Let me know if you have any ideas for what would be a good thing to photograph ;)

Lauren xxx