Thursday, February 10, 2011


Squirt: Most definetly, word of the day.

So I'm officially on Study leave now, scary!

This time next week, I will have passed/failed my prelims for my two most important subjects, English and maths.


Day started off with an incredibly boring assembly, where we were shown pictures of the girls bathroom, which Mr Hughson took...

THAT sounds pervy...

He took the pictures when no-one was in, because they were locked.

They were a WRECK.

Someone had tipped over a bin and shoved it into the toilet.
Someone ripped a sink off of the wall.
Someone even emptied the sanitary towel bin and they were over the floor...


The cooks and cleaners are now threatening to quit, which I find hilarious because the school is trying to use that fact to scare us into behaving, when, in reality, this wouldn't really bother us.

Most of us get a domino's pizza every Tuesday anyways, others go to the chippers, or go into town, or go to the baker van, school is actually the worst option! Food rarely tastes good.

And don't get me started on the "cleaners". They smoke for an hour, then walk into the hot bar and talk on their phones. They'll wet the floor every so often but other than that, it's the Cooks who do the majority of the cleaning. The cleaners don't do anything!

They are forking out money to replace the cheap plastic stuff they have now in the toilets to stainless steel.

Want a pee?
Pee on this!

Wouldn't your bum be freezing?


Now, as said previously, the prelims are next week, so surely I'd be doing revision in study!?

Think again. I was talking to Ashleigh, Kirsty and Niamh about Black Swan, Japanese tentacle rape and Octopus vs Squids.

Sometimes conversations just flow into eachother, you know?

We were just saying, because some Japanese people like to read (is read the right word in this context?) anime tentacle rape magazines, would an octupus farm be treated like a whore-house?

I mean, would you be suspicious of a man, walking into a pet shop in Japan and asking for an octopus? 

We got confused between an Octopus and a Squid too...

(Cutest) Octopus


Can you milk an Octopus? I know you have to de-ink it, but can you milk it for it's ink? Like, pull it's tentacles to make ink flow out?

Googled "Can you milk an octopus" and it turns out... you can't.
ASHLEIGH: What happens if it squirts?
Uncomfortable word association.

And we weren't thinking of this cutie...

And we were talking about LJ and his shiner of a black eye.

How did he manage it?

He got hit...

By a chair.

Yeah. Milton "accidentally" threw a chair at him, it hit him in the eye and now he has a HUGE black eye.

Ashleigh thought he looked like a cage-fighter, have to admit, I saw this.


Last maths lesson for two weeks WOOOO!

Really scary how we only have 11 weeks until the 6th years leave... Sophie and Calum were shocked by this. I don't want them to leave!!

Mr Hughes gave us a pep talk to be proud off, piled on the pressure like, but I felt motivated to succeed!

Opened the paper and was like "WOAH! I can't do logs at all."


Hopefully, it'll be alright on the night.

I mean, the day.

I mean, whatever...


D'aaaaaw, good fun!

We were watching some videos, doing a quiz and talking to Dod, what more could you want?

We were learning about eye witness accounts and memory, pretty interesting stuff actually.

The video was called "Whodunnit". It's Cluedo-esque in nature, and it's good fun!

Watch it, I don't want to spoil it for you, but watching it back and realizing how rubbish our observational skills are was pretty hilarious.

Awww, so sad as well, there's a guy that had a 9 second memory, he couldn't remember ANYONE that he loved apart from his wife. He was incredibly excited anytime he saw his wife because he thought that he hasn't seen her in ages, when in fact, he just saw her a few minutes ago...

Sara's pearl necklace kind of... exploded.

Majorly exploded, I don't even know what happened, she just stroked it and BAM!

Pearls were flying across the room, in every direction.

Felt so fat at lunch!! Jennifer was feeding me Mini eggs (which taste SO good!) and Ashleigh was feeding me some of her chocolate cake (which, again, tasted SO good!)

I get so excited by mini-eggs.

The Cooks don't trust Lewis now, they won't even trust him with a bottle of water.

They warned him not to do anything, what's the first thing he does?

Squirts water on the wall.

What's the second?

Squirts water on Claire.

What's the third?

Squirts water on Sophie.
ASHLEIGH: Stop squirting girls with that Lewis!! Put it away!!

Me and Ashleigh were so lost, we spent a good twenty minutes riding the lift up and down. 

Finally decided to settle in the Library. What did we do?

We watched Cougar town.

Ahhhh I LOVE that show.

Then we read this book for teachers titled "How to get those buggers to behave"

Ha. Thanks.

I thought it was titled "How to get those burgers to behave" on first glance.



Half an hour was spent watching Kelly blow a feather up and down, you can blame that on me because I told her that I read a comic where, if you blow a feather up in the air and blow it 100 times, you can whistle.

I learnt that Kelly can't blow vertically.

The whole class joint in, attempting to keep the feather afloat. Rachel found Kelly's game hilarious (No joke, she was laughing harder than Tickle me Elmo).

Sara had left the room at this point and entered hearing
RACHEL: Don't stop! Don't stop!
GREG: Blow it harder, keep it up!! 
Mr McDonald just stared at Kelly and asked:
MR MCDONALD: Do you know the height of stupidity?
MR MCDONALD: Here's a ruler, go measure yourself.
Some of the things that man comes out with.

We also learned that Bev's "Compare the market" meerkat impression is perfection. She must have practiced it.

Greg and Sara were chasing eachother around with a paintbrush dipped in red paint and Greg was squirting Kristina with water.
GREG: I squirted Kristina... Ahhhh real mature guys!
Speaking of Kristina, she got into college!!

I'm so proud! 

Lauren xxx