Saturday, February 12, 2011


Quick blog today!

Went down to the Rugby with my Mum and Dad today, watching Scotland vs Wales down at Murrayfield.

They sucked.

Haha, No offence, but they did, 6-24 and I lost interest about 13 minutes in!

Poor chaps.

The most entertaining thing in the stadium were the yummy Scotland players doing their warm ups. 

My Mum liked them anyway...


Down at the Livingstone designer mall too, now that was awesome.

Bench store! AHH love!

No... The clothing range bench, you sundip.

Got a jacket, a knitted dress and a jumper for £54! Sale plus BTGOF equals happy Lauren.

Happy to be home now though.

Think I'm going to lock myself away for a few days and revise. Cause I am cool like that.

It was Kristina's party AND Claire's party today... trust me to miss them.

Then again, our seats down at the Rugby were amazing. 2nd row from the front. BOOM!

Lauren xxx