Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Perky. Perky. Perky.

I'm sure that you don't have to be able to act. Just sing, dance and be able to do a fantastic fake laugh.

It hurts.... It Physically hurts...

Don't make me set the duck on you.

(Loosly translated: I will destroy you).

Got to love Disney eh?

Yeah. I'm loving "Sonny with a chance" now. But keep it a secret.

Love Demi Lovato. I think it's because of the rehab. I swear! It's nice to be reminded that Celebrities suffer from the same thing that us "normal" folks do. Even Disney celebrities.

By the way, to see a darker Demi (I.e. when she doesn't look like she's just taken a huge overdose on Laughing gas and kittens) watch this. It's her part on Grey's Anatomy, where, yes, she grabs a syringe and threatens to kill herself.

We don't know why she went into rehab. I mean, apparantly (strain on that word) she had a past of eating disorders and self harm, could be for drugs, or alcohol related problems, could be because of depression or suicidal tendencies... we don't know. So that scene is a little awkward to watch.

Right, moving on.

Had my Art prelim today. Didn't go too bad.

Had to talk about a weird sideboard thing...

I'm sorry, but it looked like a table used for S&M or torture.

Either way. Someone suffered on that table.

And I almost wrote the phrase "it has classy knobs".

Yeah. I changed "knob" to "handle".

Got to hate all these god damn euphemisms.

Can't say ANYTHING these days!

And I think I made up a word.
Why not eh?

Think I'm going into school tomorrow, try finishing this Design project.

Lauren xxx