Thursday, February 3, 2011

Naughty animal sprinkles

Thursday's are my favourite day.

Well... when it comes to school days anyways!


Me and Sara finished off our Psychology experiment on conformity.

Well, almost.

We just asked people to guess how many sweets are in a jar. Not bad huh?

Sara got the janitor to participate. Dug the janitor. 
SARA: Would you like to participate in our experiment?
DUG: Oh no... I'm too stupid
SARA: Oh, okay...
DUG: I'm just joking! What do I have to do?
SARA: Just guess how many sweets are in this jar and sign the sheet.
DUG: So I've got to sell my soul?
SARA: No, we keep everything confidential.
Dug proceeds to open jar and attempts to eat skittles. He was joking.

What a comedian.


Dougal had an obsession with Africa today, I swear.

I told him that I know TWO people that have never peeled a banana

What's up with that?

Dougal thought I was speaking about Africans who didn't realise that the yellow things that grow on trees were edible and used them to hunt instead.

Isn't that what most people do with bananas?

Attack of the bananas!!

Sophie had more of her "wisdom".
SOPHIE: Why do we say "Hello"? Isn't it a bit weird that we say Heeeellllllll.... O. Saying Hell to greet someone? Heeeeeelll-o.
She has a good point.


Scott came and sat with us today.

He decided to be awkward and sit between two tables, which, being a guy, could have ended in disaster. 

It did.

But not in the way in which you would have anticipated.

He hit his knee.

Which was possibly more disastrous than if he had hit his "manly regions" due to regular knee injuries.

It actually popped out of place!!

He was trying to be so manly about the whole thing.

Passed my NAB! 15 out of 20, so chuffed!

That's one of my final January aims finished (still never drew those 5 objects, oh well)

We were shown a video of Harlow's monkeys (Not a porno)

0.45 onwards is so sad....
SCOTT: Harlow was a dick.
DOD: What's that?
SCOTT: I think that Harlow is........
KEITH: Mean?
SCOTT: I was going to go for another word but yes, Harlow is mean. 
Less upsetting slides were shown after that, Kati was praised for going "Aaaaaaaw!" at the baby.

SCOTT: Is it just me or is the Mother more Chinese than the baby?
DOD: Note that the baby is not in a cooking pot. One of my other classes thought that the baby was on a stove. The baby is not getting cooked.
Also, commenting on the Maoam perv.





Prove my point?

Keith dished out the sweets on the bus, what a sweetie.

There was a mini mosh because of the sweets however, ahhh well. Nothing new there.

Ashleigh gave me one of her muffins, what a babe!

They had animal sprinkles on them! AHH!! 

We got a little immature with them...

Just a little.


Ahhhh, free was funny today.

Me and Ashleigh just went up to the Study classroom and had a chat with Kristina, Lewis, Grant and Greg.

Then we played Pictionary!

Good times, good times.

Free periods are so productive.


Cutting out a box!


LIAM: The only one I've heard of is the hanging man.
ME: Is that a sex position?
Apparently, it's a tarrot card.

GAH! Keep calling it a carrot card.

And Liam was glueing his mask together, with the glue that druggies use to get high.

Fail! We were all so woozy by the end of the period.

Michelle phoned me after school, so nice to hear from her!

So we're going to see "The Fighter" on Saturday!

Lauren xxx