Thursday, March 17, 2011

Your tortoise impression is to DIE for!

Who doesn't love tortoises?!


We had to go into Mr Moody's class, which was annoying to say the least because he didn't want us to talk...

We did anyway, but he didn't want us to.

Me and Ashleigh were complaining about being a RUBBISH search engine that doesn't actually know that much.
But he's only a butler...
If he was that smart, clearly he'd be 
a physicist or something.

Ashleigh asked Jeeves why bubbles are colourful and Niamh was able to answer it, so we've renamed the site

That or

Either one would be acceptable.

Niamh then did her Tortoise impression. It was like I was staring at a tortoise.

A tortoise that resembled Niamh. A lot.

But a tortoise none the less.

If you know Niamh, ask her to do her Tortoise impression.

If you don't, i'll try to convince her to let me record it and put it on youtube.


More work that I didn't understand! Oh the joys.

Basically, I was just talking to Calum and Sophie. Dougal was away in his own little world. 

And by "his own little world", I mean the work that we were actually meant to be doing.

Most of the period was spent either
a) Checking the time or
b) Trying to convince Sophie that she's not stupid.

DOD: How long does LTM last?
HANNAH: Until you die!

Was just lots of information today folks, sorry to disappoint. 

We were however discussing Lucas' warbrobe.
LEWIS: He wears two colours: Black... or white.
Which is a real problem, because tomorrow is red nose day and we have to wear something red for it.

If he can't find anything, he can't complain, because me, Sara and Lewis offered to take him into the art department and paint him up.

But he said no...

Suit himself.

Had a prefect meeting this afternoon.
ASHLEIGH: Let's go, we'll get some good seats.
On the way there, we bumped into Abie.
ABIE: You away to the Prefect meeting?
ABIE: Save me a seat.
It sounds like a concert or something... I assure you, it wasn't! 

Me and Ashleigh walked into the Lecture theatre and saw Ewan and Milton.

Ewan was playing pokemon.

Pokemon is AWESOME, but ranks low on the coolness meter.
Ewan is just awesome, so he ranks high on the coolness meter.

Those two things balance themselves out, so it's deemed acceptable for a 17 year old to be obsessed with it.

You know it's true.

Ashleigh whipped out her tub of whipped cream (don't ask) so we were all dunking our fingers into her cream... and then licking it off.

Wow. How wrong did that sound?

We also found out that everything sounds sexier in French.
Qui plonger ses doigts dans ma creme?
Sounds better than:
Would you like to stick your fingers in my cream?
Rough translation. 

Mr Hughson was inquiring about Ashleigh's cooking...
ASHLEIGH: I'm making a fish pie tomorrow.
MR HUGHSON: What's in it?
Haha, legend! 

He went onto asking her questions about her Pavlova.
MR HUGHSON: Did you beat it? Did you Whip it? How long did you whip it for? What did you put in it?
It sounded like he was talking dirty to her...

About Pavlova's? It's feasible.

Lauren xxx