Saturday, March 26, 2011


Not much really happened on Wednesday... So I will save you the boredom of reading "Aw... I just did some work" and insert some pictures and ramble instead.

I've been thinking a lot about these guys
for the past couple of days.

Ewww no. Not in that way
you pervert.

I think it was because my friend saw Matt Willis in town.

Yes. Grrr...

Jealousy over meeting Matt? It's there, but it's nowhere near the jealousy I feel when I think that she went to Baskins and Robins without me!!!

Thanks for that Ashleigh. Meet one of my childhood heroes in town and then have an ice cream without me to celebrate!

The other thing that is annoying me is just how close exams are...

I'm not ready at all.

So I think I might go and revise...

Ch'yeah. Good plan.

Lauren xxx