Monday, March 7, 2011

The sun! IT BURNS!

Eeek. Keep forgetting how bright that thing is.

Feel the burn!

Narrowly missed the bus this morning. I was roughly ten metres from the bus stop when "Vrhoaaaaam" (My best impression of a bus driving off).

Gah. Gonna be one of those days is it?

Luckily, Jennifer's Mum was just pulling out of their driveway so I got a lift with them!

It's the simple things in life that makes me happy.

Even if Jennifer's Mum didn't pick me up, I might have got a lift with Calum.

That is, if an elderly lady did not steal my space...

Yes Calum. Caitlin told me.

Let me elaborate:

I have this coat. It's a white, checkered coat and It's my daily piece of clothing for Winter. So people get to know the coat.

Anyways, Calum and Caitlin were driving to school this morning and Calum sees a white checkered coat, thought it was me, and stopped to ask me if I wanted a lift....

Yeah. It was just a stylish old lady.

Maybe not that stylish.

Haha, the coat isn't even hot. I like it though. And It's cosy. So me and the elderly woman (We'll call her Mabel) can share the same Fashion sense. It's cool!

And Calum? Thank you for being so sweet and stopping for "me". I appreciate it.

Not sure if the elderly woman did....


We were doing MacBeth. Oh the joys of Shakespeare (!)

Please realise that the English department has "the Dark Knight". THE DARK KNIGHT. We could easily do an essay on that! But noooo...


Mrs Fulton was picking people to read lines. I somehow managed to get away with it today, Caitlin was the first witch, Rhaegan the second and Megan the third, Calum was the attendant for one of the scenes, Billy was MacBeth and Mrs Fulton was lady MacBeth.

Mrs Fulton has one of the most soothing reading voices ever. I swear.

She was teaching us about Euphemisms. 
MRS FULTON: If I say "My Daughter's big boned"... *smiles evilly* What am I really saying?
MEGAN: She's fat.
MRS FULTON: She's a heifer, yes.
Your Daughters really beautiful Ms...
What a lovely, glossy coat she has.
MRS FULTON: Or what about "Your essay has potential! But needs more work on it..."? It means it's crap.
Got told today that the Prelim for English doesn't count for appeals. You know, the one that I somehow managed to get an A in?



Even better... NAB!

A NAB which I didn't revise for, as I was under the impression that we would get a study period for it.

A NAB which I could have easily rocked if I got a study period.

A NAB which I didn't get a study period for.

Altogether now! Life's a bitch. Then you die.

So queue forty minutes, random shiz on seminferous tubules and breast milk and a bored spelling session with the calculator (Will spelling BOOBS on the calculator ever lose it's childish appeal?)

I think not.


Milton tried to set up Claire with Aaron... again.

It's quite cute really.

He was asking everyone whether or not they were going to the prom. Most people aren't. Because the prom SUCKS this year.
MILTON: Have you got a boy slash girlfriend?
*sigh* I am NOT a lesbian. I swear.

I would have no shame in admitting it if I was, but I am not.

Went into town after school. Thank god. I love Monday afternoons off. They keep me sane.

Or at least... keep my insanity under control for a while.

Lauren xxx