Monday, March 14, 2011

Curly mohican boy

What's everyone's opinions on mohican's?

Oops. Forgot Pink made everything
300x cooler...

Yeah. This resembles the "every man".

Personally, I think they are bad ass.

IF the individual can pull off it off...

How can I pull off a mohican I hear you ask?
Well... You'll need a wardrobe of these:

A drawer full of these:

And above all else, you MUST be able to pull off this pose:

Now... onto the day.

Went into redgy this morning, just wanting to have a little chat with Sara and Linzie, you know, to prepare myself for the day, but Mrs Talboys barges in and ensured that wasn't going to happen.

There's a new check system for Uniform (that uses ticky boxes.... lots and lots of ticky boxes) and if you don't have your uniform on, you get a mark. 

From what I hear, get enough of those marks, and you get a letter home...

Pathetic. TRULEY pathetic. Mrs Celnik marks you down if you have on a black shirt instead of a white shirt, Mrs Rankin marks you down if you're wearing a hoodie, everyone marks you down if you are not wearing a tie. 

Come on people!! Let's take this into perspective, Kincorth Academy is the 21st school out of a league table of schools like it. That's bad, right?

It gets worse, there is only twenty one schools!!!

And yet here we are, focusing on the horrors of students not wearing a tie...


Sort out the toilet situation, or the lack of funding, or the lack of teachers, or the terrible school meals before you focus on something that is fairly under control in the first place...



Reading some more of "MacBeth". Really not enjoyable though, because:

a) It's in a completely different language to me.

b) Billy wasn't there to volunteer to read and Calum wasn't there to be "volunteered". So Mrs Fulton attempted to speak all the parts. Basically.

Got to watch a bit of the MacBeth DVD too, there was a little kid singing on it. That was probably the highlight of the double period.

Went downstairs for Break and had a nice wee discussion with Lee and Kelly... about the uniform business and the little art class day out that has basically been organised for Sunday.

Something about Battling Little Aliens?
That alien doesn't look
so little to me.


Milton and Kelbie continued their tirade of abuse on Claire...

In the form of playing Cupid between her and Aaron.

NOTE: Aaron and Claire don't want to go out with eachother.

So Milton throws her a note that says:
"Will you go out with Aaron? Yes  No  Maybe "
Yes. They tried to set two people up with ticky boxes.

We are just that mature.

Abie did a Rolf Harris impression.

That is to die for.

Was as if he was in the room himself...
Learning Biology....

With his wobble board.

After that, I just went home. Monday's drain the life out of me, I swear.

Headed straight to my sanctum... Cineworld.

Today was the first time I have ever went to see a film alone.

It's a weird experience. Very much all about the film. It's not as daunting as if first imagined.

Or daunting at all in matter of fact.

Saw "The Adjustment Bureau". The concept behind that is SO. COOL.

But Hayley William's tweet sums it up entirely...
"Just saw The Adjustment Bureau. Surprised at how much of a chick flick it was. Not that I'm complaining. I am sort of a chick, so..."
It's a chick flick.

And the trailers do not suggest this.

But oh well, it's still worth seeing!!

On the bus home, saw a pretty rad thing.


Rad? Am I still allowed to use that word? Or is that last decade?


Anyways, it was a Mother, with bright red hair and her four/five year old son... who sported a curly mohican.

It was coolest little kid hairstyle I've seen, second only to the the small kid with the GIANT afro.

"I Pity the fool who straightens this majestic being
that sits on top of my hair. ARRROOOOOO!!"

The Arrrooooooo felt necessary.

Lauren xxx