Saturday, March 26, 2011

LOST: One voice.

If found. please return to me.

(NOTE: This blog is written on Saturday, for Thursday. Apologies for not being a good blogger this week)

Woke up on Thursday morning and the first thing that hit me was:
"Oh shiz. I feel terrible."
Ever experienced that?

It's like every fiber of your being is vomiting simultaneously.  

And it feels terrible.

So for the whole day, my mind imitated a sick vampire: Bleh.

Oh, and I couldn't speak. At all. I felt like Christian Bale in Batman.

Because of his deep voice...


A desperate attempt to finish off my Psychology log book.

A desperate attempt that failed....


Did work... for the whole period.

The bland day continues.


I passed my prelim! Woo!

5 marks from an A. One mark from a NAB pass... so close.

Everyone was telling me to go home. I sounded really bad at this point.

So I got Sara to sign me out.

No Free period. No Art. Just sleep.

I slept for 12 hours straight.

No Dinner or anything.

Thursday was a bad day.

Lauren xxx