Saturday, March 26, 2011

Moving Clocks

I am sorry. But under no circumstances, should clocks move.

I'm speaking about them all going forward an hour, but let's be honest... it just isn't natural.

I get an hour less in bed? Why?! That's so uncool. The news of the clocks "springing forward" is along the lines of telling an alcoholic that their favorite distillery just went up in flames.

Or telling Justin Bieber that his name means Basketball in German.

German? What's that? Can I eat it?

In other words, lazy people are thrown into a state of agonizing confusion.

Anyways, have had a fantastically lazy day today.

Just chilled in bed all day if I am being honest.

Mum was being hilarious.

Told her about the McFly poster yesterday where they were all bare naked.
ME: They were really bare naked.
MUM: Willies out and everything?!
ME: NO! Mum, children were there!
MUM: Oh.
ME: No, there was... cuppage.
MUM: Cabbage?! Now I know where the term meat and two veg comes from.
Oh Mum. I love you.

Lauren xxx